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Once again I feel I have to apologise for my lack of posts, but uni’s got pretty intense. I had 5 essays due in the period of a week and a half, and I’ve still got two left to write!
However, I should have more time to blog over the holidays, and I’m particularly excited about discovering all sorts of feminist articles and journals on JSTOR 🙂
I’m a bit confused by this new wordpress layout!


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The Ann Summers “Communications Team” must have a very easy job, I should imagine they spend much of their time dossing around doing bugger all, except perhaps send the most perfunctory, generic reply to any complaints sent in. Well – I say “Communications Team”, but to be honest it doesn’t really feel like much was communicated.

 I sent an email to the Ann Summers press office after my post the other day, which went much like this:

“I would like to start by stating that, generally, I don’t have any issues with Ann Summers: I think that it can be progressive and positive for female sexuality.

However, I do have issues with the sell of Hustler products. Hustler is a misogynistic (as well as paedophillic and racist) porn empire, which has in the past published cartoons depicting child abuse entitled “Chester the Molester”. I fail to see how Ann Summers, if it is to be truly about encouraging women “to feel good about themselves and their sexuality”, can possibly support such a heinous brand (Hustler), by selling their products.

I suggest, therefore, that Ann Summers ought to pull the Hustler products, in order to really live up to encouraging women to feel good about themselves and their sexuality.


Amy ——-”

OK, it’s a bit shit, but that is beside the point.

Their reply?

Dear Amy

Thank you for your comments.

Kind Regards

Communications Team

I mean…what the fuck?! There’s nothing there! They may as well have not read what I put – they probably didn’t, if this is anything to go by. Now, that’s just bad customer service.

Are they just going to ignore me?

OK – so, I think, generally I can see more positive aspects than negative ones attached to Ann Summers as I have previously mentioned, but I still feel uncomfortable with the association with Hustler. I just find this reply just gob-smackingly …well, just gob-smacking – I’m too tired to think of a decent adjective.