Scorpio Risen

Best Bits

This page will be about all the good things.

Things which make me happy, things which are fun, things which I think are good.

Part of what this is about, is that I’ve been meaning to make a “Top Posts” list, which was a lot easier on my old blogger, than on here, which chooses them for you. So, yes, I will be egotistical and even link up some of the posts I’ve written which I’ve particularly liked!

Pat-on-the-back-for-Amy posts

PorNOgraphy – This was originally my Persuasive piece for English Language coursework.

Gaaaaaaaah!!! One of the most appropriately titled posts I’ve ever written, I think. Dealing with pornography, and its consumption by young adolescent boys.

Girl Power? I watched this programme about the Spice Girls around New Year time, and posted about it. One of my earlier posts, but I actually quite liked this post.

My views on the local anti-abortion protest. Again, this particular post was the first time I’d dealt specifically with abortion and my views on it on my blog.

Q & A. My response to a commentor’s questions on sexuality and media.

“Footballers don’t rape women, because they can get anyone they want”. This was quite a rant-y post. I like my rant-y posts. I’m a very rant-y person, and I enjoy being so.

A rant about leg-shaving. Heh, I got to rant about leg-shaving. It was more like venting after a conversation with a friend, to be honest. Le meh. This particular post was more about my individual and personal choice.

More about leg-shaving. Contrary to popular belief, I was not rabidly raving about FBH in this post, more like musing, and looking outwards about possible reasons why most women shaved, rather than – as opposed to the previous post – my personal choice not to. I like this post, even though a loada trolls reared their ugly heads as a result.

Feminist Books
Admittedly, I haven’t read many as yet: I don’t really have much time to read nowadays.

So far, I have read all of:
susan-brownmiller-femininity.jpg ariel-levy.jpg andrea-dworkinheartache.jpgoverloaded.gif

I’m currently reading:
Full-Frontal Feminism by Jessica Valenti

Aim to one day get around to finishing:

Have yet to read:

Some books on my Feminist-book-wishlist:

Any other suggestion welcome, particularly any suggestions of more recent books.
I’m also interested in reading any Alice Schwarzer, after I did my German Oral presentation on her. I may even get it in German: Der kleine Unterschied und seine großen Folgen


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