Scorpio Risen

About Ms. Amy

Hi, I’m Amy. I’m a 20 year old Feminist, who’s anti-pornography and often radical leaning, pro-woman, pro-sisterhood. Proudly hairy, while at the same time proud to wear make-up creatively when I feel like it. I’m not saying that I tick all the supposed right boxes of a Radical Feminist, but that’s because I don’t believe radical feminists to be as fixed as some people seem to think. I believe what makes me a radical feminist is the way I view society as inequal, due to it being a patriarchal one. Because I view this societal structure and ideological force to be the main cause of certain social rituals, beliefs, inequalities and trends etc. I want to change this. I want to change this quite radically, and I spend a portion of my time musing to myself about this. However, I also realise that I, as an individual, am considerably luckier than many other people – being white, heterosexual (ish), and from a middle class background – but this doesn’t mean I don’t care. I recognise that society still has a long way to go before we can truly call ourselves an equal society.

I believe in Sisterhood. I like reading other feminists’ opinions, even if they differ from mine. I believe it is good to hear from other feminist perspectives. I have respect for other feminist perspectives.

I also have an unhealthy love of caffeine (particularly coffee) and my Espresso machine, Eduardo. I am quite a lazy arse, and do love to lounge around, particularly watching TV, or listening to music. I am too good at procrastinating. I have a huge love for food, particularly Indian food, and have been known to crave onion bhajis for days.

I’ve finished studying my A levels in English language, sociology and history. I used to do German and critical thinking too for my AS levels. I’m now at University, studying Modern History and Politics.

I’m going to be a kick-arse journalist, and maybe even an editor. I read any newspaper I can get my hands on, no matter what the quality or political leaning. I’m especially considering being a political correspondent. I have recently decided that prior to immersing myself in the world of journalism, I’m going to be a political researcher or work for an organisation such as the Fawcett Society after university, so that I can gain some inside political knowledge on some level, before writing about it.

As a feminist, and maybe also due to studying English Language, I tend to look at language and how it reflects society’s structures and attitudes. Often, I get angry. I also tend to analyse representations in the media, which also often angers me. When I get angry, I tend to swear a lot. Issues which provoke an emotive response from me, tend to raise the taboo language quotient. (This is something of a disclaimer.)


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