Scorpio Risen

About Scorpio Risen

My Blog

Is largely about feminism.

Although, of course, there will be the occasional post in which I will ramble on about something else, especially if I have a case of writers block, or not enough time to concentrate on an issue I want to blog about.
Yes, there is even a cat post.

To be honest, I tend to write with the assumption that the audience will largely be feminists, or interested in feminism. This assumption means that I tend to assume that people will largely understand the concepts and perspective I am coming from. However, I have recently come to realise that this is not always the case. There are many people out there who appeared to have read my blog without a) any real knowledge of feminism, and b) not really wanting to try and understand it. Which is, understandably, of great annoyance to me.

So, just for the record, partly because I’m lazy, and partly because I don’t see why other people’s ignorance should hinder my blogging, I am loathe to have to explain the same thing again and again. And so, here, is a Feminism 101 blog, ‘cos this blog sure as hell isn’t.

Why Scorpio Risen?

I just decided to flick through my iPod, and came up with a song by Death In Vegas featuring Liam Gallagher – Scorpio Rising, and thought ha, well I’m a Scorpio! So, yeah, none of the names here actually have any deep meanings.

Note to any potential trolls.

If you don’t know anything about feminism, and furthermore don’t want to try to understand anything about feminism, I would suggest you fuck off right now.

However, to all those who are interested in feminism, or are feminists themselves, welcome. )


2 Responses to "About Scorpio Risen"

Ms Zing … you are simply AMAZING … X


nice blog – may we talk?

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