Scorpio Risen

The “DC Madam” Trial: A fine example of male privilige, abuses of power and hypocrisy

Posted on: 17 April, 2008

Just read this post at the F-Word.

I can’t believe it.

Actually, I tell a lie. I’m not surprised at all. I mean, when the “clients” (talk about an euphemism!) include politicians with a good deal of power and authority, no bloody wonder they can weasel their arseholey way out of giving evidence or whatnot. It’s pretty damn sickening, really. If you ask me, it’s a complete abuse of power.

It just absolutely tickles me that one of the men, Senator David Vitter, is “a right-wing ‘family values’ crusader and abstinence-only indoctrination architect”.

Well, of course he fucking is.

I’m sorry, but it is my belief that these “a right-wing ‘family values’ crusader and abstinence-only indoctrination architect” types are the most likely to be hypocritical scumbags. I’m sure I should find some data to back this theory up, but in such cases, these types do tend to crop up a lot.

Not only is it complete double standards to allow the male Johns to avoid questioning in court while interrogating 15 women, publicling outing and shaming them, but the questions they appear to be asking the women seem to be of a more titillating nature, as opposed to asking them sensitive and/or sensible questions. There appears to be no other function of these questions – such as “when she was ‘aggressive’ with a client, when she was ‘more submissive,’ when she had a difficult client (‘he tried to remove the condom’) and how often she got ‘intimate'” – than titillation, or shaming the woman.  

You know, this is a pretty damn good example to use when people claim that men and women are “equal” now, ‘cos in a post-patriarchal society, this bullshit wouldn’t happen in a court case.


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