Scorpio Risen

One down, one more to go (’til Summer)

Posted on: 21 January, 2008

Had my A-level sociology theory and methodology paper today. I was so panicky, and felt I’d forgotten everything before the exam. Last night, I just couldn’t sleep – I couldn’t turn my brain off, especially as I was worried about my English Language coursework deadline, which was technically today, but…

Tomorrow I have my history Mussolini paper. I’ve written fuckloads of notes. I just hope they stick it in my head. Ah well.



3 Responses to "One down, one more to go (’til Summer)"

i’m sure you’ll do great.

fingers crossed, but I’m sure you had it all covered.

Chez 🙂
Well, the exam went …OKish…
I knew my stuff, after intensive revision on economic and foreign policies (the Q I did was very specific, but about a specific foreign policy, which was Italian intervention in the Spanish Civil War), but I’m not sure I actually answered the question…but I hope I ticked enough boxes to get a half-decent grade. Still, there’s always re-takes in summer. It could be a January/History exam tradition of mine 😛

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