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Posted on: 19 January, 2008

I’ve just started writing a new post about post-abortive men (I read a link from the f-word blog), but I’ve had to put it in drafts already, as I’m feeling drained after a long argument about abortion with one of my friends who turned out to be very anti-abortion. It’s now a subject we can never discuss again, which really sucks as this is someone who I can generally be very open with.


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Does that friend happen to be a Christian, and does that friend decide whom to vote for based on the topic of abortion?

I ask because the more Christians I meet, the more this seems to be the case (FYI: I’m a Christian myself, who greatly dislikes abortion, but I don’t vote based on that issue).

Before reading the rest of what I’m about to write please note that I am also a Republican and have been registered as such since age 18.

In MY opinion, abortion is horrible. Photos are often passed around the internet that do their best to disgust, and there are videos online where you can see what happens during an abortion from start to finish. The cameras film everything. If a person is “pro-choice” I don’t personally see how he or she could possibly view the realities of abortion and not experience a change of opinion.

That being said:

I really think the abortion issue is a political hot button for Republicans, and nothing more. Not one of the Republicans who have been in office since Roe v. Wade have seen it overturned, and there have been DECADES of Republican “rule” in which to accomplish such. Not one of them will change it in the future either. It is used as a political tool during elections, and then forgotten about it until it is time to run for office again.

A Republican was in office when abortion was made legal. He was powerless to do anything about it. The same can be said for any future Republican candidate: they’ll also be powerless to change the legality of abortion.

Ah! But what about the SUPREME COURT, you might ask?

We can talk about possible nominees to the Supreme Court until we’re blue in the face, but the reality of life is that yet another conservative nominee will not change a thing!

Here is what I mean:

Of the 9 Justices currently serving,

1 was appointed by President Ford,
2 were appointed by President Reagan,
2 were appointed by President Clinton,
2 were appointed by George Bush Senior,
2 were appointed by George Bush Junior.

So with 7 out of 9 Justices appointed by Republicans I ask, has abortion gone away?


Will it?

Highly unlikely (see above).

When deciding which candidate I’ll vote for, the abortion issue is not part of my consideration simply because I know that no matter what a candidate’s opinions on the topic, pro or con, they will not change anything in this matter.

Honey – I’m British. Neither my friend nor myself can vote in America.
I know the f-word article refers to America, but we were talking in general terms about abortion. More specifically, a programme on C4 once.

Had I but paid attention and read a bit before making my lengthy post… I’d not have posted it. 🙂

I hear you! Its so hard when the people around you don’t really get where you’re coming from. Lots of people don’t see abortion as a human rights issue – women are human and their bodies are theirs and theirs alone, the only thing they truly own in the whole world – and why should the state have the right to tell them that they have to have a child that won’t be cared for because of – money, time, the wrong person (aka the father may not be around), rape and violence, AIDS, etc. It is a simple matter of a woman having control over her life, and her body. But the whole issue gets muddied by issues that just make everything far too complicated – religion, whether the baby is a ‘baby’ yet, ignorance about the abortion procedure etc. No matter whether the woman goes thru pain or the fetus does, or not, it is up to a woman to choose to do that and nobody should take that right away. Discussions of this type are so far away from the reality of choosing to have an abortion, and what actually happens. So called ‘Pro-lifers’ (I actually feel that they aren’t PRO life as they are not respecting a woman’s life) really don’t seem to get that: that their argument is fatally flawed because they base it on faulty evidence, emotive/moral arguements based on religion, etc.

Sorry, rant over, I just meant to say I understand – I’ve had this discussion with people before and it has gotten rather heated!

Yeah. The main difference in our opinions was the very different definitions of when life begins: he believed it was from as soon as the sperm hits the egg, so it’s a life; I see it as a life only after 9 months incubation in the womb and once it’s born. Plus, I’m fiercely defensive of womyn’s rights, and very liberal, while he was concerned with “the life” of the “foetus”, and thought people shouldn’t be so stupid as to get pregnant anyway. Sigh.

In response to Donny- even if as you suggest US govt will never over-turn Roe vs Wade the fact that in public/media etc a woman’s right to choose is still open to debate shows that feminists still have work to do. Abortion should be a woman’s right, no questions asked. We still aren’t there yet, even though in the US/UK it is legal.

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