Scorpio Risen

Well, no shit…

Posted on: 17 January, 2008

Apparently researchers from Sheffield Uni surveyed some kids and found a universal dislike of clowns, and that some kids were even afraid of them.

Well, damn right. What the fuck is up with clowns?! And they were never funny.

Next they’ll be telling us that dolls – particularly China dolls – are creepy. It’s not news, OK.

Puppets, too. Especially after that episode of Goosebumps. I know – I’m really showing myself to be a 90ies kid here 😛


3 Responses to "Well, no shit…"

Ugh. That particular dummy WAS creepy. But if I remember correctly it was the girl’s first dummy who ended up saving her family or whatever in the end? I don’t want to think of ventriloquist’s dummies as having strong personalities.

I don’t know. I saw one of them and it well scared me, so I never watched another episode of Goosebumps again. I also locked away all the books.

I agree, clown and puppets have always been pretty creepy in my book.

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