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Hear, hear!

Posted on: 17 January, 2008

I have a sociology exam on theories and methodology on Monday (I still haven’t revised outside of the lessons, but I’m much more worried about my history exam on Tuesday), and so we have done a bit about Postmodernism this year, after briefly mentioning it this year.

Postmodernism annoys me. It’s so fucking pretentious. All its “hyper realities” and rejection of “metanarratives”, and love of consumerism, and pick-and-mix lifestyles (I think one sociologist on a video made a reference to “lifestylizing” or something.) Hey, leave the metanarratives alone. I do have a soft spot for Marxism, too 🙂 Well, functionalism’s a bit shit and outdated, but hey ho.  (Consensus, my arse.)

Anyway, I must say I love Michelle’s post about Postmodernism. She’s obviously studied it at a much deeper level than I have, and is at a far better position to really take it to task, which she did indeed do. She has some good points: postmodernism really is style over substance, and it does have strong links with capitalism and conservativism, with its emphasis on individuals and consumerism. Its claims that factors such as gender, class, age, ethnicity etc no longer have any affect on the individual are bollocks. Simple as. I barely need to dignify it with a response to be honest.


1 Response to "Hear, hear!"

Yay, down with pomo! I first came across pomo when I was studying media a few years, and it didn’t really bother me that much then, because I suppose notions of ‘hypereality’ and style over substance seem more applicable to media.

But when it comes to radical politics, feminism, the real world, pomo is useless.

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