Scorpio Risen

Judge Deni

Posted on: 7 November, 2007

I read Renegade Evolution’s blog. I like her hard attitude, even if it can at times frighten me a bit (I pity the fools who end up in her bad books), I think it’s important to read slightly different perspectives from mine (she’s very, very pro-pornography, and there are also some triggering images on her blog, so be cautious if you’re going to look on it), and she gives a damn about issues.

One of the issues she’s been concerned with of late, has been the case of the sex worker who got gang-raped, and the judgement passed by Judge Deni. I’ve only, really since last night, been able to catch up with any of her blog posts, but she has written about this case passionately, and it’s true that it’s fucked up.

For now, I shall leave you with Ren’s words of wisdom. There are some other posts of hers, and she’s linked to some others, but I haven’t had all that much time, I’m afraid.


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