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When is a “death toll” not a death toll?

Posted on: 28 October, 2007

When, quite simply, the lives “murdered” were never even born.

When the “deceased”  were a bunch of cells, barely even foetuses.

So, quite frankly, that bloody 6.7million statistic the anti-abortionists keep flinging about and projecting onto the Houses of Parliament can be shoved right up their arses.

 Personally, I prefer to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Abortion Act in Britain, rather than to “commemorate” it.

Who do they think they are? 6.7 million abortions = 6.7million unwanted pregnancies, which would’ve fucked the lives of women who found themselves in difficult situations. Where do they get off stigmatizing these women and the decisions they made?

 Shouldn’t we, instead, be welcoming the fact that safe abortions are more easily accessible for more women? That women are now in a legal position to make the autonomous decision to choose to keep a pregnancy – as opposed to continue a forced pregnancy – or to abort, safely?

Abortion is not easy for any woman, and so-called “pro-life” activity only makes it harder, by stigmatising women who exercise their legal right. I wonder how being anti-abortion is being truly “pro-life”, when anti-abortionists show little compassion to a fellow living human being.


1 Response to "When is a “death toll” not a death toll?"

and that is the big question, isn’t it? Yes, save the “unborn”, fuck you to all the women who end up raising them. Their lives are secondary.

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