Scorpio Risen

Light-hearted, irrelevant blogpost coming right up…

Posted on: 20 October, 2007

Because I love chocolate 🙂

 Also: it’s getting so close to my 18th, I can practically taste the alcohol 🙂

Only 9 days to go, then I won’t have to go through all the bother of trying to negotiate  and talk round bouncers to let me into clubs and some bars without I.D. lol.


2 Responses to "Light-hearted, irrelevant blogpost coming right up…"

Oh yeesss…I love this advert. There’s something so sensual and luxuriant about it! And you can’t beat Phil Collins. In fact, that Gorilla rather looks like Phil – in a good way of course! 🙂

Oh and 18th birthdays are always exciting 🙂

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