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Katy Cat – 1 year on

Posted on: 9 October, 2007

katy-catblogpic.jpgI know I’ve already posted about my late furball before, but today is the 1st anniversary of my cat’s death – I don’t care if this makes me lame.

I was devastated when she died; I cried for hours. I’m not really much of a crier. But my friends did try to console me, although my cousin did find it weird when I was talking to her that night and then burst into tears again at the sight of a fairly recent poo which had fallen out of the kitty litter. My then-boyfriend was very sweet and came round the next day to see if I was OK.

I most probably mentioned previously that I got Katy when I was two years old. I don’t really have a particularly brilliant memory in general, but I do remember playing a game with my cat, where I would ping an elastic band (or something which had that pinging affect) which she used to chase. She used to rush all over the room. It was cute. 🙂

She also used to have a habit of sitting on top of door frames, if the doors were open. She also liked to sit on my uncle’s and my dad’s shoulders like a parrot. I think she was a bit species-confused, bless her.

 Her first night with us was apparently spent hiding underneath one of our cupboards. But she also used to spend a lot of time sleeping on my bed, sometimes we used to curl up. My parents didn’t really like this, as she would get hair everywhere. My dad still swears he finds her old hairs. In fact, I found a bit of her fluff shortly after her death, and I kept it in a jewellry box.

I’m pretty sure I have mentioned once before that I used to have conversations with her. I miss that. I miss her presence. I can’t believe it’s actually been a whole year since she died. It feels so weird. A while after she died, I did used to feel her presence a lot; afterwards, I might feel her presence, only more erratically. (Now I know I’m really beginning to sound like a crazy person!)





2 Responses to "Katy Cat – 1 year on"

Your Katy-cat was beautiful 🙂 It’s always hard when you lose someone so dear to you, and believe me, you’re not a crazy person. I’m kinda homesick at the moment and I really miss the cats! I won’t see them for another two weeks. Part of that is because of Quentin, and my worry that he may not have much time left. I love talking to him also, he talks back (Meow, Meow Meeeoow, hehe).

It doesn’t sound crazy at all. Our animal friends give us unconditional love, truly, in a way that humans can’t. I mean, I know my kids love me tons, but when I come through the door at the end of the day, they might glance up and say hey, but my dogs? OMG, you’d think they hadn’t seen me in a decade. Every morning they’re so friggin’ happy to see me just wake up, it’s almost annoying, like boys, give a minute to open my eyes here. Animals are family, they’re not “just pets”. Your kitty was gorgeous. Sorry you’re missing her, but glad she had such a long time with you.

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