Scorpio Risen

A question

Posted on: 2 September, 2007

Based on my musing earlier today, and this post from Lonergrrrl.

Men – y’know, those of the human race devoid of wombs and vaginas – who are “pro-life”/anti-abortion:

What makes you o so qualified to pass any judgement on a woman’s right to (access to) abortion?

I believe I have said this before, but when it comes to pregnancy and the choice to abort or not to abort, it is up entirely to the individuals involved. Not for society to chastice, judge, attempt to restrict, ostracise, criticise, or have any other kind of negative involvement, if the route taken is abortion.

I support the right to choose to abort, or not to abort.
I supported my friend’s decision to abort.
I supported, and still support, my other friend’s decision to keep her child.

It is down to the individual and her choice.


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