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I feel the need for a cheery, cheery tune :D

Posted on: 16 August, 2007

To reflect my current mood.

The thing is, whenever I am in these o-so-great-everything’s-wonderful moods, they never last very long, before everything becomes mundane and average and OK. Ah well.

But, before I ruin my good mood myself…

The sun is shining, but it’s not swelteringly hot (although, I was a bit too warm in the car). So, it’s a pleasant day.
This morning, I had a job interview, which I got. Hellzyah!
Then, on to my school to get the dreaded AS level results.

And y’know? They really, really weren’t as bad as I’d feared. Actually, …they were better than I thought they’d be at best!

I was convinced I’d completely screwed up. That I would have to flagellate myself, or, I don’t know, form some murder-suicide pact. Or something. I thought, at best, I’d be mediocre (which I hate). I thought I was going to hate myself, or something.


I got an A in History!!! Huzzah! And Sociology! Hip Hip Hurrah!

I got a B in English Language! Although, if it weren’t for me fucking up the first paper (which I received an E in), I would have got an A. Ah well.

And – vunder of vunders! – a C in German. Ja! Sehr Gut! Wunderbar! Lololololololol.
That is, for me, really good. If you don’t think so, well, you’ve never heard me “talk” German. Lol.

Oh, and D in Critical Thinking, but le meh.

I must say, these results were perhaps the most pleasant surprise I’ve ever had! πŸ™‚

Sorry to toot my own horn, but (toot, toot)…

But, also…the fun don’t stop here, folks!
I’m going Edinburgh tomorry with my best mate L, for our mutual best mate’s wedding. Edinburgh should be a right laugh, so I’m looking forward to it. Especially since we’ll have time to check things out, too.


9 Responses to "I feel the need for a cheery, cheery tune :D"

Congratulations on your AS-results!

I don’t know about you, but it really pisses me off to hear the same old news story every year, that these exams are getting easier etc. etc. It annoys me and I don’t have to sit these exams anymore, so it must be really annoying for those actually studying for ’em!!

Hey congrats on the results and well done you!

More than one reason to celebrate, eh?

Hey, hope you’re having a great time in Edinburgh! πŸ™‚

Congrats on the AS results – much better than mine were at CCD (English Lit, Sociology and ICT), but at least I got better for the A Levels πŸ™‚

I’m housesitting starting on Monday with the cats and my sis – she then goes off to reading on thurs and I off to edin for a week again. My rents are in Edinburgh as my Mum is captioning a play on Sun and Monday then my dad is joining her on Monday. Lots of travelling back and forth at the moment! I really hope you enjoy it up there πŸ™‚

Thanks, all πŸ™‚

Michelle, you’re right. It does annoy me. I didn’t find any of the exams a piece of cake, at all. I thought I’d screwed ’em up. Even Sociology!

Congratulations ^^

Ja, das ist gut!

Sehr gut! Congrats, that’s fantastic.

Congratulations, Ms Zing X

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