Scorpio Risen

Posted on: 2 August, 2007

Going on holiday tomorrow for about 8 days, so…most likely won’t be blogging, which makes me sad.

 However, here’s a little thought…

People sometimes seem shocked or surprised to hear that I don’t shave my legs or what have you. Of course, it is a form of social deviancy, for our social norms and values tell us women should shave their body hair off. But, really…what is so shocking or surprising? It is only natural, after all. It boggles my mind that people are so stunned by someone following a more natural route.

However, I have decided I will not be trying to hide my hair away on holiday or anything like that. I will be lounging around in a bikini with my leg hair glistening in the sun, and if people don’t like it, they can fuck right off. Although my parents are most displeased and have asked me to go and get my legs waxed, to which I respond by screaming “NO!”.


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Right on!

Have a really great time, and hope you get lots of vitamin D after this crappy summer we’ve been having. I thought it was going to be sunny after yesterday but..nope.


Oh, ps. I love the new layout! 🙂

Personally I don’t really mind one way or the other about leg-shaving, in fact I usually keep mine shaved, though I think you should be allowed to do whatever you want with it, including shaving dirty words in it or platting it, if such an abundance of hair is available. But it always boggles my mind how categorical people can be about it, often making moral judgements on the offending hairy woman to quite a shocking extent. In fact, I’ve known people to be completely unable to contemplate the idea of a woman not shaving her legs. They’re not offended, it goes beyond that, they just think it’s impossible not to shave your legs.

Anyway, have a nice holiday, and cool that you’re flying the “pro-choice” flag in the leg-hair department.

Have a nice holiday and I’ll eagerly await your return 🙂
Ah, and with the leg hair, you’re a braver woman than me. I’ve been shaving my legs for nearly half my life (which is a shocking thought actually). I don’t know if you ever did shave your legs – but I think it’s hard to stop once you get started. That’s why I’m trying not to remove hair from any new areas.
It is silly though – I have glossy dark brown hair that gets lots of oohs and ahhs on my head and then if it’s anywhere else on my body then it’s suddenly disgusting. Grrr.

That’s awesome. Hopefully your holiday won’t be ruined by guys screaming at you.

Hey, go for it! But you do realise by going on the beach with hairy legs you won’t be seen as a ‘beach beauty’?! 😉

If it helps, you’re not alone — my eldest daughter (19) refuses to shave her legs. She has black hair, so not like one of those blonde chickies where you can’t see it unless you’re close, either. She and my other 2 kids are currently suffering through a Disneyland vacation (haha!) with their father, his new wife (she refuses to call her a ‘stepmother’) and her 2 children. New Wife, a proper Barbiesque one, I’m sure is going to be absolutely horrified at daughter’s legs & pits. I wish I could be a fly on wall…

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