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Tagged again!

Posted on: 29 July, 2007

By Witchy.
Although, it is a meme I have already done previously. However, for the fun and larks – and because I have nowt better to do – I shall add a few more facts about moi.

  • I am really obsessive about correct orthography and grammar. I cannot bear to see incorrect spelling or grammar, to the point where I rant about J.K Rowling’s semi-colon fetish and how there are the occasional misuse of semi-colons/colons (I finished re-reading book 5 last night, and have almost finished book 6, before I buy book 7), and refuse to use the address labels for my mum’s work if I can spot a spelling mistake.
  • I still have some very faint scars on my right ankle from the time my nan accidentally spilt tea over me. I was about two or three, so I don’t really remember it, but she hasn’t forgotten or forgiven herself, bless her.
  • I hope to one day own, publish and edit a feminist magazine, which I hope will be in the mainstream market.

I may not be posting for a little while, as my internet has been really dodgy recently, and I’m off on hols (yay!) on Friday 🙂


3 Responses to "Tagged again!"

Hey, I think I may be guilty of excessive/incorrect use of semi-colons at times when writing blog posts. Feel free to call me out on it!

Have a good holiday.

Ha – I’m pretty sure my grammar’s not perfect all the time when writing blogs, especially since I tend to write when I’m tired. It’s just…she’s a novellist, and not just any novellist…the goddamn author of one of the most famous and best-selling series of books!!!

That said, I can forgive her – and her overuse of the verb “said” – because I think the characters are wonderfully vivid and the books are, actually really engrossing. I’ve now just started book 7. Woot woot!

Thanks, I’m so looking forward to my holiday. I’m also really glad that my mum’s finally going to get a rest, she works from 6 (in the morning) ’til 9 at night, since she now owns her own business, and has moved it into our house. She’s my hero, really.

Yay, have a great holiday 🙂

And the feminist magazine sounds fantastic. One day…feminist magazines will replace the other “women’s mag” crap. Here’s hoping!

I’m going to Cornwall soon myself with my Mum, Gran and manfriend for a week. It should be fantastic if the weather holds! 🙂

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