Scorpio Risen

Misogynist Mondays and Womanly Wednesdays

Posted on: 24 July, 2007

Since I was really bored while doing the mailshot for my mum’s business today – 8 and a half hours of labelling, stuffing, stamping envelopes, give or take a paper cut or two – I decided to add two new features to this here blog; Misogynist Mondays and Womanly Wednesdays. The concept’s pretty simple: On Mondays, I’ll post some quote, or what have you, of some misogynistic arseholery, and on Wednesdays, it’ll be more positive – a quote, a video clip, a song, whatever, which makes me proud to be a woman, or which I think celebrates womanliness. Suggestions are, of course welcome, just e-mail ’em in with the subject “Misogynist Monday” or “Womanly Wednesday” to:



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