Scorpio Risen

Seventh, and Final, Age of Rock

Posted on: 8 July, 2007

T’was a 90-minute special on British indie/Britpop – one of my favourite music genres – featuring The Smiths, Stone Roses, Suede, Oasis (I’ve seen them live!!!) and Blur, then the Libertines, Arctic Monkeys, Franz Ferdinand and Kaiser Chiefs. There were many Northern Monkeys-a-go. It focussed mainly on The Smiths (natürlich!!!), Stone Roses (wouldn’t have been my personal choice, but meh…), Oasis and Blur – and, of course, the whole Blur vs Oasis thing-  Suede, and the Libertines. I was surprised – although a bit relieved, I guess – that they didn’t go on too much about the Arctic Monkeys. It’s not that I don’t like them, but I think they are a tiiiiinsy bit over-rated (well, I think that about quite a few of the contemporary bands which get paraded and praised constantly, including The Libertines, but that’s just me, I think I’m a bit more Old-School in my preferences), and to be honest, their songs can be a bit samey, IMHO.

The Smiths




Franz Ferdinand

Arctic Monkeys

Kaiser Chiefs


1 Response to "Seventh, and Final, Age of Rock"

It took me two years to like the Stone Roses. I think Ian Brown’s initially very off-putting, and there’s all the reverb on his voice, so you can’t hear all the Can-inspired jamming in the background so well. I love the splattery artwork though. I like the Happy Mondays too, though I saw Shaun Ryder DJing a few years ago and he seemed completely fucked, in fact he had some guy putting on the records for him while he helf the set-list upside-down and knocked back pint after pint of guiness. We tried to get him to play some Can, but he wasn’t listening.

Funny, I was in the pub with my boyfriend and this other guy quite often a few years ago, and they’d be discussing all this lofty music like Can, Captain Beefheart, Funkadelic, the Smiths… and after a few pints they’d end up arguing about Blur vs Oasis. The other guy even initiated drunken wrestling over it once, though he denies all knowledge of it ever happening.

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