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Posted on: 2 July, 2007

I finally get my internet working again, and then I get writer’s block.


I mean, there are some thoughts floating around in my head – but they’re kind of disjointed, and really, essentially, reactions to some things which have somewhat rattled me of late.

For example, I was reading this article in a Sunday mag which is supposed to answer people’s health questions, and this 15 year old girl wrote in about how she felt she weighed too much, and wanted to look like a size Zero model, but didn’t think she had the time to eat healthily or exercise. The response was – hey, everybody can find the time to exercise and eat healthily!…Your weight may be in proportion to your height. Bla bla bla…but the thing which really riled me…this was to a 15 year old girl, who had said she wanted to be like a size zero. I can’t remember her weight, but it may have been about 9 stone of something, so I think she was probably about a size 10-12…so, yeah, if she were to achieve her “dream” of being a size zero (I think it’s a size 4 over here?), a dramatic weight loss would be needed! But was she discouraged against this? Nooo! That just doesn’t seem to me to be good, healthy advice! And she’s only 15! Damn, I know only too fucking well what it’s like to be 15 and have no self esteem…and it should not be implied or stated that to lose that much weight is ok. From a fucking health page!!!

Also, in the same magazine, I was also a bit miffed at comments from a Michelle Pfeiffer interview, in which she laid the blame of the whole size zero thing at women’s door. Something, also, about how men didn’t want us women to be skinny or to have boob jobs or what have you. I’m not even sure I should even dignify that with a response.  


2 Responses to "Typical…"

Also, I think it’s impossible for most women to actually *be* a size zero. You’re really quite limited by bone structure/size. I have a fairly small frame, but I’ll never be under a US Size 4-6 because smaller sizes will simply never fit over my bones.
Oh and the “women are only skinny for women” BS? I agree with you … “Grrr!” If women were only skinny for women, then why aren’t lad mag models fat or at least normal?
And even the stuff that’s supposed to make women feel better, like “men don’t like really skinny women” or “men don’t like women with fake boobs”, are still constructing the ideal body around MEN! (I wrote a post about that awhile ago – in the Hoyden About Town link, there are some really nauseating comments from men which should prove that men are big fat-haters too.)

“Also, I think it’s impossible for most women to actually *be* a size zero. You’re really quite limited by bone structure/size.”

Agreed. In fact, one of my mates said pretty much the same thing the other day, ‘cos I felt like ranting about it then too.

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