Scorpio Risen

Fifth Age of Rock

Posted on: 17 June, 2007

“Stadium rock” – so, we’ve got the likes of Led Zeppelin, Queen, Kiss, Bruce Springsteen, The Police, U2, etc.

Led Zeppelin – May I suggest blasting this one out? Awesome stuff! 😀

Hell yeah!


I love Bo’ Rhap…everytime I hear it, I am now reminded of my friend Paul and Hamburg, because during our exchange, we constantly sung Bo’ Rhap all over Hamburg; on buses, on the S Bahn, walking along the coastline at Travemunde. O, I do love Queen. Freddie Mercury was amazing.

Bruce Springsteen

The Police


 Some real good stuff 😀

And, Michelle…next week, it’s NIRVANA!!! (And…REM)


2 Responses to "Fifth Age of Rock"

Nirvana? Yeah, but I’d prefer some Soundgarden & Pearl Jam, but I won’t hold my breath. I’ll be tuning in though… 🙂

Aye…Pearl Jam, Smashing Pumpkins, Hole…love that era…I imagine that at least some of ’em will get at least a mention along with Nirvana.

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