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Think Pink, Fly Pink

Posted on: 13 June, 2007

Over at I Blame The Patriarchy, I found this here post about “A pink airline just for chicks who love to shop will launch next month”. (It’s also in the F word blog, but you know how funky the links to the F word blogs can be.)

Dear lord…

I think all that pink would give me a headache.

Not that there’s anything wrong with pink, (prefer purple ;))it’s not that I hate it…but, like…a whole fuckload of pink…???

But yeah…all us women and girlies just LOVE pink and shopping and rainbows and flowers, sugar and spice and all things nice.

Err – fuck off.

I’m sure there are women, and girls, out there who would love the idea of this …uhh…[keep it clean] plane.

But…before I hear of anybody, and I mean, anybody, anywhere, chiming up with: “But waht about teh menz?!”

Well, actually, shit like this, like this pink plane shit, well, it’s just capitalising on the stereotyping, the infantilisation, and the marginalisation of women.

And, of course men don’t get ridiculous aeroplanes all painted in blue or whatever…they’re taken seriously.


2 Responses to "Think Pink, Fly Pink"

*nods in agreement* Pink makes me feel a bit ill too. I prefer black, purple and ‘teal’ (sea green). Why does the essence of ‘femaleness’ get associated with such a crappy colour? It suggests that women are just fluffy and superficial 😦 grrrr.

Men get to travel on serious, business-like planes. And most likely, if a plane was ever made for men for a similar purpose (in a so called fking manly way of course), it wouldn’t be pink or baby blue or fluffy. It would probably be a kewl black, sleek looking plane.

For fucks sake, I thought we were done with these stereotypes. Obviously not…I get reminded of this every day in some way. It’s like we’re regressing to Victorian times 😦

Funny that this airline is obviously meant for women who can afford to use it, who you’d think would be serious, international businesswomen who have no use for pink, fluffy things.

But having worked in law firms, you’d be surprised at how girly some powerful, corporate women can be, and the number of young, up and coming fee earners who do stuff like talking about chocolate all day long, wearing T-shirts that read “too pretty to work”, and so on. It’s strange to watch one woman being very professional and serious one minute, only to turn into the most bubble-headed, girliest girl ever at the office Christmas party. I think it says something about corporate culture that they feel the need to do that to remind people they’re still women and be accepted by the men. Others survive by turning into ruthless, cast-iron ladies who swear like truckers.

I had the same reaction as you by the way: instant migraine at the thought of all that pink. Ewww.

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