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A short rant :)

Posted on: 7 June, 2007

I’ve only really seen this advert once, partly because I hate watching adverts and tend to channel hop when they come on, but I was in a cinema at the time, so couldn’t exactly channel hop.

It really, really annoyed me.

I mean…c’mon!!! The gender stereotypes!!!
OK, so the angry women are a bit less passive and a bit angrier than the norm, but – the handbags!!! Oh, and the new a la Paris Hilton dogs! What the fuck?!
And, of course, the men are more active, and are represented as such with the footballs and the remote control cars (!).

Now, neither sex, to be honest, comes out of this advert without looking like idiots, to be fair. Is that the Mail on Sunday’s idea of equality between the sexes?!


URGH! It’s just…so stupid!

Then again, what more can I expect from the Mail on Sunday?


4 Responses to "A short rant :)"

Yeah, I can’t do much better than “It’s just so stupid!”. It says something of the Mail’s reputation that I live in a different hemisphere and still know it’s shit.

Grrrrr!! I went to see Pirates 3 two weeks ago and this was on..imagine a huge massive screen with this fooking advert! I was seething and my manfriend had to calm me down as I was ready to scream!

Doh, you did see it on a huge massive screen. I was sitting at the front so everything seemed really massive 😦

Oooo I was also waiting for Pirates 3 when this advert came on!!!
Lol, how irrelevant is that, Amy?!

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