Scorpio Risen


Posted on: 6 June, 2007

I have my last two exams! 😀


 It is currently, as I type this, 07:38, and I got up early specifically to revise, which I have yet to start. I have a few more hours of revision, which I have yet to start, before I leave for my exams. I’m tad bit buggered, because, well I’ve still barely revised. Eek. I think it’s got to the point where I just can’t wait to get it over and done with. I hate history revision. I’ve had two solid weeks for revision, but I have to mentally psyche myself up to go near my notes, then I think…”erm…I’ll go make myself a coffee!” and bugger off again. It’s not good. I think I may have to do hardarse blagging in these here exams.

But, after my exams – my hibernation (!) shall be over. I say “hibernation”, but it’s been pretty non-existant. Whoops.


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good luck on your exams!

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