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There is NOTHING funny about rape

Posted on: 2 June, 2007

I know they say feminists don’t have a sense of humour.

I would disagree with that. However, if finding jokes or casual remarks about rape offensive means I don’t have a sense of humour, then, fine, I don’t.
I don’t want to listen to or have anything to do with that sort of “humour.”

Toilet humour – juvenile.
Rape humour – beneath contempt.
I will not tolerate it.

But the thing is, I do sometimes have to bite my tongue, when it comes to things my peers say. I cannot spout off my feminist opinion all the time. Partly because, believe me, I would get exhausted. Partly because I have had to learn to bite my tongue. Which, I hate, I feel like I’m selling out a bit.

So, it does come a time, when I’ve had enough and feel I must, must, must say something. To be the – most likely – lone voice saying “hey, wait a minute, that’s fucked up.”

So, I was on Myspace last night, and I was looking through my bulletins, and someone’s bulletin had been entitled “Fucking talk or ima rape your face“.

I don’t care if this person didn’t mean it. I don’t care if this person was simply being flippant. I get so sick of people (my age) making flippant remarks about rape.

So, yeah, it was one of the times when I do speak up and say “hey, wait a minute, that’s fucked up.”

In fact, to be more specific, I said:

“that is well fucked up.
when are people going to stop making jokes or undermining rape. It’s a serious subject.
For fucks sakes. “

His response?

“maybe you should relax? maybe you shouldnt take everything so fucking seriously? its people like you, that take offence at any possible opportunity, that make me sick. you fuck up everything, and you ruin anything thats lighthearted.
get a fucking life.”

O, well, excuse me for ruining your goddamn fun. Fuckwit.
Sorry to have stepped over your fucking sense of entitlement in which you feel o so shielded you can just make light of subjects such as rape, which affects so many people. Sorry I didn’t realise it was funny that at least 47,000 women are raped every year in the UK. The rape conviction rate, at just 5.3%, is now at the lowest level for 30 years.
Hmm, maybe I don’t have a sense of humour, so can anyone please tell me what the punchline is to that o-so-hilarious-fucking-joke?!

Like I said to him:

“It’s a serious subject. It affects people’s lives, often leaving them traumatised. It is a constant fear in many women’s lives – because, although men can also be raped, women are pretty much socialised to fear rape, women are told it’s often a case of “when”, not “if” they get raped – it is not treated seriously by the law system.
So fuck you.”

His response:

“your argument is pathetic.but i really dont care if some fucking retard *waves* takes things too literally, when its not meant as a serious thing. if i raped someone, yes. thats serious. but i dont (need to), so therefore it is not meant as a serious thing.”

He doesn’t need to rape someone?! What the fuck is that supposed to mean?! Like – raping someone is a necessity?! And those who don’t “need to” can laugh and joke about it, because, clearly, it will never happen to them or someone they love, care or give a damn about?! 😐

Oh, and yeah, here’s the icing on the top of the cake. He ended that message with:

“so go choke on some rapists cock, and die.

 Now, that, that was not a joke. That was not funny.

Clearly shows the mentality of some people, eh?!

Like, I said:

“you say my argument is pathetic, when you end yours off with something really despicable?!

By joking about something like that, and by joking about something like that being seen as acceptable, not only demeans the issue itself and undermining it, but socialises people into accepting and not taking rape seriously.”

And then I was told to lighten up!!!!!

Flippant remarks and jokes about subjects such as rape  all endorses and normalises disgusting heinous crimes.

I know that most of the time people don’t really see it like that, but I guess that is arguably part of the normalisation process.


4 Responses to "There is NOTHING funny about rape"

the problem is context. you think there’s no circumstance in which rape can be regarded as humourous, while he believes some things can be said in jest because he doesn’t mean them and therefore he shouldn’t be taken seriously.

another problem is empathy. you realise the rape is a serious issue and should be treated so because at some level you relate with the people who experience it and you put yourself in their shoes; that these people would not appreciate rape being treated as something funny. he does not empathise with them, and that’s why he cannot understand why words in jest are taken seriously.

this sort of ignorance you can’t really help to educate because they just refuse to learn. until one day it happens to them or their loved ones, then would they realise rape is not funny at all.

Oh dear I wish I a good steel reenforced rejoinder to the “lighten up” advice often meted out by men (and in fact by some close women… fiends, not friends. It always makes my blood BOIL. One time I heard someone make a rape joke was by a girl, followed by more rape jokes, about five in all, one after another until my polite smile was stretched to breaking point….but I figured there was more to it. I was right, she had been raped quite brutally and the jokes were a rather bitter way of dealing with the situation.
Anyone that jokes about rape is an asshole.

Maybe you’re right.
I’ll stop making rape jokes, right after I stop making genocide jokes and dead baby jokes.
Or perhaps I should stop it right now, if you think rape is clearly worse than the Holocaust.

Anonymous –
I didn’t say rape was worse than the Holocaust, you made that comparison up in your head.

The post was specific to rape as a result of something someone said.

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