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Some thoughts on Femininity – complete with pictures

Posted on: 1 June, 2007

I do have some issues with masculinity and femininity. Particularly femininity as I am a vagina-owner.

I also think the book “Femininity” by Susan Brownmiller is brilliant. It was amazingly thought-provoking.

I have already posted several times on some areas of femininity – FBH and make-up – and my thoughts and opinions and musings on them.

The other day, I was a bit bored, and so I attempted to take some pictures representing aspects of femininity, and voila.

What I originally wanted to do, was to have a representation of femininity in one hand, and holding “Femininity” by Susan Brownmiller in t’other. Then I realised I only had two hands, and not a third to hold the camera. In the above photo, I’m holding a blusher brush (not a paintbrush as my friend Schteve thought). You see, there’s often a certain ideal aesthetic women are supposed to conform to, and many women use make-up in order to achieve this. Feminine women are supposed to be “perfect”, without a blemish.

And here I am holding one of my dad’s razors (never have shaved, ever: I used to wax or use cheapo hair removal cream), representing one of my least favourite aspects of femininity – FBH removal. I think y’all know what I think and feel about this.
I’m not saying that there aren’t some differences between the sexes, but, but, but…femininity (and masculinity) exaggerate these differences. FBH removal? -Yes, some people’s personal preference to be hairless- exaggerates differences. Heck, it completely plucks (no pun intended) a gender difference from out of thin air.
Ha – Hair free or carefree? 😛

I haven’t really discussed bras before. Sure, they can be pretty, sexy, fun, whatever. And yes, they do give support. (Although mine never seem to be very supportive, and as a result I haven’t really been arsed to wear ’em of late.) But they also perform other functions, such as liftin’ an’ spreadin’ ya breasts into a position which is acceptable and defined according to a male-defined preference. They also cover up any possible nipple erections
(zut alors!!!–neeple ereczions?!) Thus, they represent and exemplify pretty well – to me – the function of femininity of defining women according to patriarchal expectations and rules.I’m not saying that all of femininity is bad – I’m quite fond of wearing make-up and high heels, or whatever, but I refuse to feel bound to it. I feel happy to especially reject certain aspects of it. I want to be my own person, not some feminine robot following some pre-determined programme with a gender based manual.


4 Responses to "Some thoughts on Femininity – complete with pictures"

the photo with the bra is a riot. That really is one of the best, funniest (yet saying something_ photos I’ve seen in a long time….

Well done.

Men accentuate their masculinity too.

Both sexes do because it gives them an advantage in the fierce mating game. Because men like femininity in women just like women like masculinity in men.

I don’t think this is a big secret nor is it “wrong.”

Women burned bras in the 60s but have now returned to wearing push-up wonderbras. Why? Because it’s natural to want to boost your own sex appeal and sexual power. And so that is what people are still going to seek in the long run. People want to be sexy because that offers immense social, romantic and professional benefits. Simply put, they get treated better.

Agreed… love the bra photo.

Awesome stuff, especially the bra photo. Nipplephobia is crazy; on the one hand, zomgz riil female nipples nuuu, on the other hand, ‘female’ mannequins now often have giant engorged plastic nipples. The fuck? Let’s quit playing.

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