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A little pet peeve of mine…

Posted on: 1 June, 2007

…is when people perpetuate the myth that second wave feminists burned their bras.
Because it’s just not true
And constantly bringing it up, when it’s not true, is just plain stupid.
And I have a low tolerance for such kinds of stupidity.

“It is now more than 30 years since a second wave of feminist activism emerged in the United States and Europe, most publicly marked by a demonstration outside the Miss America contest in Atlantic City in 1968. The ‘freedom trash can’ set up at this event and into which were thrown items of women’s underwear (as well as shoes, false eyelashes and women’s magazines) was meant to symbolise an end of enslavement to an artificial feminine ideal; historically, it has meant that ‘women’s libbers’ would be associated with bra-burning forever. Even though the flames were the creative addition of a reporter, the image has stuck as part of our mass misremembering of the origins of the modern women’s movement”
Overloaded – Imelda Whelehan

“[Jacqui] Ceballos…was also present in 1968 in Atlantic City when feminists protested the Miss America Pageant and the urban myth [my emphasis] of bra-burners was born. ‘It was against the law to burn bras or anything else, but there was a ‘freedom trash can’ out on the boardwalk and we threw in anything we thought was oppressive to women,’ she says.
…One of the reporters covering the protest was Lindsy Van Gelder from the New York Post, who compared the trashing of bras to the burning of draft cards, and ever since people have mentally connected feminists with an imaginary lingerie inferno.”
Female Chauvinist Pigs – Ariel Levy

“The first action of the new women’s liberation movement to receive front-page coverage was a demonstration against the Miss America pageant in 1968…The reason this event got so much ink: a few women tossed some padded brassieres in a rubbish bin. No one actually burned a bra that day – as a journalist erroneously reported.In fact there’s scant evidence of underwear torchings at women’s rights demonstrations in the decade. (The only two such displays that came close were both organised by men, a disc jockey and an architect, who tried to get women to fling their bras into a barrel and the Chicago River as ‘media events’. Only three women cooperated in the river stunt – all models hired by the architect.)”
Backlash – Susan Faludi

So put that in your pipe and smoke it.

I could probably find more, but I like a triadic discourse structure 🙂

One more time to reiterate: No feminists ever burned their bras in any form of protest.

Besides, an appeal to history is an argumental flaw if people are basing a large part of their argument or criticism on it. (I do critical thinking, and it’s all about flaws and shit.)
But an appeal to history where the goddamn event never occurred? – Laughable.  


5 Responses to "A little pet peeve of mine…"

I don’t remember the source, but I remember it saying that the original bra-burning occurred in a protest against animal testing used in the production of lingerie.
I wish I could find that damned source again.
And anyway, I like bras. Life without a decent bra is uncomfortable indeed. A decent bra accomodates and doesn’t restrict your breathing unlike a corset—which I would consider worthy of burning since it was one of the prime reasons for women swooning so often in the good old days–damn I wish I’d kept the sourse for that—anyways, apparently corsets forced the organs to shift around, messed up your spine, restricted blood flow, caused constipation and nausea and not to mention the fainting bouts which added to the reputation of women being delicate flowers.

Aye, but then again, that’s not necessarily feminists being bra-burning psychos 😉 lol.

Some bras are pretty, and some are comfortable.

But then there are some bras which are designed to make your breasts look a bit more pneumatic and unnatural, and are more about the aesthetic appeal, than the comfort and support.

And thank goddess we don’t live in an age where we do have to wear corsets.

I don’t know. I wasn’t there. And I’ve also heard reports that bra-burning was just urban legends.

However, I talked to a guy who grew up in the 60s and he claimed that there were INDEED bra-burnings. I don’t remember if he said he saw these in person or on TV. Maybe some of the ones on TV were staged, if so. I don’t know, either way for sure, really.

Are there any old folks in da house here we can ask?

Yeah I know. Infact I think there’s a whole generation of men and possibly women who don’t know what regular breasts look like, since they’re educated through porn and general pictures of celebrity….like breasts fall flat when you lie down and don’t remain like perky air balloons squeezed together. And then they try to market that sort of distortion as freedom, gah, rubbish. Air balloons, what next? Breasts aren’t breasts unless they reach your neckline?
Sorry that was a bit incoherent.

Byrdeye: And I quote, “Women burned bras in the 60s but have now returned to wearing push-up wonderbras.” Sound familiar?

Oh, one bloke, eh?
Ah, well, clearly, y’know, my three examples…well, that’s all gone out the window now, nevermind that they all must have researched it, and heck one is an actual quote of someone who was actually physically there at the time.
I’m sure many of the people who still believe that feminists burned bras in the 1960s were around, live and kicking, in the same decade. But don’t mean that it’s true. For one thing, urm, media hype.
Yeah, they couldda read in the paps about bra-burning, doesn’t mean it happened. I mean, y’know tabloid journalism, yeah?
You haven’t even stated as to whether this bloke was even in the same country!!!

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