Scorpio Risen

Men, Women and Rape.

Posted on: 31 May, 2007

Ren does have a good few points here
Although I can’t really say so much that I’ve seen cases of where the subject of sexual violence and rape against men has been “brushed off with a level of levity I find to be disturbing.” But, then again, I have rarely – if ever – seen any posts actually about the subject.

Rape is an abhorrent, despicable thing to do to anyone. Rape should not happen to anyone. Nobody “asks for it”. Not one person should get raped. Fuck all the statistics – one woman raped is one woman too many, one man raped is one man too many, one child raped is one child too many.

The media coverage on sexual violence and rape against women is often blames the victim(s). That is not right. But some people argue that people forget about male victims. Maybe we do to an extent, because we do not hear so much about it. But that is due to the media’s coverage. I would argue that the media’s coverage of sexual violence and rape against women is used to instil a fear amongst women, telling them not to drink too much, not to sleep around too much, not to wear “slutty” clothes, etc etc or they will get raped or sexually attacked. I think that is possibly why we are less likely to hear about sexual violence or rape against men in the media.I guess, the patriarchal idea of men being victims goes against the grain of masculinity, it goes against the patriarchal idea that men are active, women passive, men are not victims, women are. And that is just one way in which the Patriarchy – despite allowing privilege towards males – does also have a detrimental affect on men, and so it is for both women and men, and for the sake of everyone that we must seriously address patriarchy and revolutionise society. 

Damn it all, a victim of rape is a victim of rape, irrespective of biological sex, and they all deserve support.


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As for the media training women to be victims…grrrrr….MASSIVE pet peeve…rant on it even made my hit list…

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