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While deep in thought…

Posted on: 29 May, 2007

…I remembered a Robin Morgan quote, in which she writes (admittedly in the seventies, although much, if not all, of it is still relevant today) that sexism is all-pervasive and includes

“everything from the verbal assault on the street, to a ‘well-meant’ sexist joke your husband tells, to the lower pay you get at work…to television commercials, to rock-song lyrics, to the pink or blue blanket they put on  your infant in the hospital nursery”

Sometimes feminists – particularly radical feminists – are criticised for “going on” too much about supposedly trivial things: leg shaving, make up, adverts, etc etc. Apparently pole dancing is also a trivial debate.

But for 2nd wave radical feminists, such as Robin Morgan, these wouldn’t have been so “trivial”, because of the all-pervading nature of sexism, which is reflected in so many of our daily actions and experiences, no matter how “trivial” they are.

Sure, some of what I think about, blog about, and some of what others think about, blog about, may be “trivial”, but it’s all cumulative, which means the small things are important. Least they are to me, or I wouldn’t even mention them whatsoever. The trivial is important. The small things do count. Just like the personal is political.

Like I’ve said here before, I’m a pretty radical-leaning feminist. I look at the trivial things, I think about the trivial things, I even blog about them sometimes, because they are all part of daily life, they are all part of our experiences, they are all part of the debate. It’s all part of going to the roots of, and what better place to start than the little, trivial everyday rituals, sayings, jokes, occurences, whatever? 

Don’t get me wrong, I wish for the day when things such as FBH won’t be an issue to debate anymore. I also wish for the day when bigger issues such as, just some examples, rape and DV won’t be an issue to debate anymore.  


4 Responses to "While deep in thought…"

Everyone has to find a space between, “God is in the details” and “Don’t sweat the small stuff,” or… they become a cliche! 😉

I was only thinking about this literally half hour ago … some of the ‘small stuff’ for me:

The day I stop getting hollared at in the street.

The day I wake up feeling confident with my body because the patriarch etc. portrays women’s bodies in a positive light rather than negative.

The day I don’t see Page 3 and other forms of pornography shoved in my face when popping into my local supermarket.

The day I stop hearing men speaking derogatory & sexist language when talking about women; “i’d fuck it” etc.

The day Hugh Hefner dies.

Nobody makes you shave off FBH. That’s your own choice.

But if you do, it will simply boost your sex appeal to men (and probably many lesbians too). And that is a perfectly legitimate reason to do something, IMO.

Making yourself more sexually-attractive offers a LOT of benefits in this world. Let’s get real here. And if you are looking for a mate or even just a date – it certainly doesn’t hurt. In fact, it’s kind of a prerequisite.

“The trivial is important. The small things do count. Just like the personal is political.”

Of course. Things like our personal relationships with our bodies, being sexually harassed on the street etc etc aren’t just things that happen to us alone, they are things that affect every woman, making the ‘personal’ political.

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