Scorpio Risen

The 2nd Age of Rock

Posted on: 27 May, 2007

Y’know, I’m really liking this new BBC series about the “7 Ages of Rock”. At the moment, we’re still in the 70s so it’s all good.

Last nights episode was the second episode/age: the pyschedelic art rock age, focussing mainly on Pink Floyd, Velvet Underground, David Bowie, Genesis and Roxy Music.
Now, I love Pink Floyd, Velvet Underground and Bowie, but I don’t really know much about Roxy Music, but they seem alright. Genesis, on the other hand, I don’t think they’re for me. They just came across to me as pretentious and trying too hard. Meh.

But next week, it’s Punks.

Eeeeeeeeeeeeee! 😀

So, here’s some video clips from the Floyd, Velvets and Bowie. ‘Cos they’re all wicked. (Although, again, it’s pretty hard finding any decent vids, especially for Velvet Underground.)
Velvet Underground

Pink Floyd

David Bowie (love his make-up in this vid!)

More Bowie‘cos he’s, like, a favourite of mine…

‘Scuse the lack of real blogging of late, have a tad bit of writers block, and technically should currently be revising. In fact, I am on here because I am procrastinating. Gah.


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