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Hello, my name’s Amy and I’m a caffeine addict…

Posted on: 25 May, 2007

…it started off with gateway caffeine: Coke and cups of tea. The cups of tea led to harder stuff, like coffee, then even harder stuff like Lattes.

I’m what they call a functional addict, although I can just about function so long as I have a certain amount of caffeine pumping through my system.

At first, I would joke about caffeine addiction, then today, I realised I really could barely function or concentrate properly without coffee.

Databasing for my mum’s business, at first I could barely keep awake (the cup of tea I’d had wasn’t strong enough), so I pepped myself up with some coffee, and I was going at it like the clappers, but then it got to the point where I needed another fix, and I noticed that my concentration was going, and I was constantly making mistakes; mistakes I wouldn’t make ordinarily!

But, I’m not strong enough to go cold turkey, or even give it up. Sweet, sweet coffee…


1 Response to "Hello, my name’s Amy and I’m a caffeine addict…"

I think there are many of your ilk among us. I, sadly, have passed the Caffeine Addiction gene on to my offspring. My middle daughter — still in high school — recently went to a 2-day conference with her debate team. No coffee stand. She had a headache by early afternoon, and felt foggy and cranky. My college age daughter’s main expenditures are coffee and Indian food. The male offspring, at the tender age of 14, is hooked as well. Hey, there are worse vices for a college kid, right? ((She rationalizes, slurping madly)

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