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Cat post

Posted on: 24 May, 2007

Believe me, there won’t be many of these.

 I’ve seen many cat posts on other blogs (Lizzie is a main suspect!). Having come across such a post, I thought I’d just look at some pictures of my late cat, Katy.

I am currently crying. The photos of her have just made me realise again how bloody much I miss her.

It may sound really pathetic, but, she only died about 6 or 7 months ago. She was my present for my 2nd birthday. She was about 15 when we had to have her put down. 15. I’d had her for 15 years. We spent a lot of time together. She used to sleep on my bed, although she did go through phases when she didn’t, and my parents weren’t keen on it. I used to have conversations with her. She was so goddamn cuddly. I remember, I was watching The Diary of Anne Frank, and I was in tears, and Katy came along and I was sobbing my heart out, and burrowing my face into her fur ‘cos I didn’t have any tissues, while explaining to her about Nazis, anti-semitism and the Holocaust.

Towards the end of her life, she annoyed me quite a bit. She was always, always moaning. Constantly. It drove us round the bend. But I really, really miss her. I was devastated when I saw her and knew instantly that she was dying. I felt so guilty about being so annoyed.

 Someone asked if I was going to get another cat. The truth is, I just can’t. No cat can ever quite replace my Katy-cat. I’m sure I will, in years to come, get more cats, but, still…

 So, here are a couple pictures of my beloved furball. (Woo with my crappy resizing, doesn’t do her any justice :S)

picture-021.jpgKaty surveying the damage of our fallen wall. (I think that was the time it was knocked down by drunks, as opposed to the time when it was blown down by the wind.)

Trust me, she wouldn’t have been considered part of the family if she didn’t have a taste for alcohol 😉

I loved it when she would be found chilling in random places. She didn’t do it very often, though. But she was never too fond of cameras. She was very often, either “I don’t wanna see that!” or “Get outta my face, stupid human!”

Sprawled out relaxing, like the lazy, adorable, ball of fur she was.

I do actually feel a bit better now. I’ve stopped crying an’ all.


1 Response to "Cat post"

Sorry for not commenting sooner, I just found your post!

Wow, your Katycat is beautiful. I’m sorry she went, she sounds absolutely lovely. Our cats are getting older now too, and I’m just spending as much time as I possibly can with them. Quentin and Georgina are about 13 or 14 now, and Flossie is around 10 or 11. I am dreading having to say goodbye to them at some point.

We had a cat before them, called Fulham (on account of his black and white coat) and he got run over, it was horrible and we still miss him a great deal. We already had Q and G while he was alive, and we kept Floss because she was black and white.

Don’t worry, maybe one day, you will fall in love with another lovely feline. They won’t replace Katy but they will have their own charms 🙂

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