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Laziness, Music and Comedy youtube fun

Posted on: 23 May, 2007

I am currently pretty damn tired actually.

Yesterday, I had six hours of exams (joy) and today, about two and a half hours of sociology. On the plus side, no more exams until 6th June! 🙂

I came across a new blog earlier, passive-aggressive notes, and I particularly liked this post. Made me smile.I watched a programme, methinks t’was on Channel Five, a few weeks ago, called Hidden Lives: Obedient Wives. I plan to write up on it soon.Talking about TV, I watched the BBC’s first installment of the “7 Ages of Rock”, t’was all 60’s geeetar! Which is always a good thing. Got to watch Jimi go! 🙂  Including, of course, that famous bit where he does, like, The Who with pyrotechnics…But y’see I do have a fondness for Jimi Hendrix and the other bands mentioned in that programme: Cream, Rolling Stones, The Who and The Beatles. So, here’s some musical fun and yayness from the sixties…(because I’m really that bored!)

(Note: it was pretty damn hard getting some of these vids, alas!)

The Who (gotta love The Moon!)

Rolling Stones


The Beatles
On a totally different note, hopefully later this year I shall be seeing Bill Bailey on his Tinselwurm tour! 🙂
Hell yeah!


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That coffee note cracked me up.

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