Scorpio Risen

By the way…

Posted on: 8 May, 2007

Just some recent link-y goodness…

Some good news, and a couple of fingers up to the BNP, for anti-fac circles…

Looky! I’m quoted in an article by Eve Menezes Cunningham article in Natural Health.

I liked this post from Lonergrrl about “Knocking down the wall between “man topics” and women’s voices”; I thought it was intelligent and thought-provoking.

I’ve literally just discovered a new blog – “Me and My Army” (note to self: linky-link!) – and this particular post caught my eye. Anti-feminist bingo, fun with trolls 😉

The most recent edition of Carnival of Feminists.

And now, I most probably really should get back to doing some revision…


2 Responses to "By the way…"

How rude of me! I publish your comment and neglect to reply. I should do something about this aging memory of mine 😉
Hello! Welcome to the feminist circles, I’ve added you to my bloglist. Always good to have other feminists of my age and approximate nationality to keep up with!

Ha! S’ok!
Tell me about aging memories! 😛
Mine’s the same…

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