Scorpio Risen

Taking a break from my "revision"…

Posted on: 28 April, 2007

…because, I’m crap with revision, and have thus far been busy this weekend, and have decided that tomorry is “revision day”. Yes, indeedy.

Anyhoo, it’s good to see that the Guardian’s women section are doing something positive, with an advice column from the goddess that is Beth Ditto.,,2066814,00.html

I find it really refreshing that someone like Beth Ditto is doing an advice column in a women’s section. It’s about time there was something different other than handbags, shoes, and make-up. Oh, and slimming.

Despite all the faults in the media, particularly with newspaper journalism, I still want to be a journalist. Partly so I can do my damndest to right these faults. 🙂


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