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Hibernation now…

Posted on: 23 April, 2007

…On May 11th, I will be starting study leave. I think my first AS exam (which I have a feeling may be History) is on the 15th.
I have exams until 6th June (two History exams, one of which is a Mussolini paper re-take).

I haven’t exactly started revision yet.

I am kinda shitting myself about my exams. I’ve never been really much of a revision kinda student, but I learned from my history exam in January that I really need to sort that out.

And so, ‘cos I am terrible at procrastinating, and this blog is one of my favourite methods of procrastination, I have decided to hibernate until, like, the 6th June. (That said, I may check on here every now and then, but I will most probably not post, unless I get too tempted.)

So yeah, Amy will be hibernating for about a month or so.

Happy blogging y’all. 🙂


2 Responses to "Hibernation now…"

Good luck with your studying!

Ahh, okay. Good luck with the studying and don’t worry too much (keep it balanced – study and fun/relaxation!).

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