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Posted on: 19 April, 2007

noun {U}
the belief that women should be allowed the same rights, power and opportunities as men and be treated in the same way, or the set of activities intended to achieve this state:
– She had a lifelong commitment to feminism.
noun {C}
a person who believes in feminism, often being involved in activities that are intended to achieve change:
– All her life she was an ardent feminist.
– a radical feminist

– the feminist movement
– feminist issues/literature

There is often a lot of – how shall I put it? – aggro, about the words “feminist” and “feminism”, because they mean different things to different people, or groups of people.

Above is the simplest way to describe it really. Of course, it doesn’t particularly take into account the various strands of feminism, but that is besides the point.

I know that some people do actually believe that feminism is about trying to achieve female supremacy, or that feminists are man-haters. Maybe for some, it is; maybe some are.

However, just speaking for myself here, my feminism is, put in the simplest possible way, my belief that women should be allowed the same rights, power and opportunities as men and be treated in the same way. I care about people, men and women, but particularly women. Until I feel that women really, genuinely, are equal (and this means socially, not just legally), I will continue to prioritise women in my concerns.

To delve a little deeper, I guess I do, in most respects, identify with radical feminism, in that I look for possible explanations about the current social system, and I see that it is hierarchical according to gender, and that males are superior in this system. This social gender class system, my friends, is called Patriarchy.
The Patriarchy – this system – is the dominant ideology, that of the (white, middle class) male default.
Patriarchy affects everyone, male and female, partly through the socialisation processes into the norms and values of our gender roles, otherwise known as “femininity” and “masculinity”, the traits each gender is expected to adhere to. (And yes, I do believe that gender is socially constructed.) I sometimes see “femininity” and “masculinity” as twin pillars holding up the Patriarchy, which is partly why I would like to get rid of these concepts, so that there is no longer a patriarchy, and thus, no hierarchy based on gender.

This doesn’t mean I don’t like being a (young) woman, or female, because that is my sex, not my gender.

As for other feminists? I don’t believe that being pro/anti porn makes you a better feminist. OK, so I tend to read mainly anti-porn blogs, and feminist anti-porn theory and whatnot, but that’s partly because that’s my own personal leaning, and partly because it’s more prevalent, especially in the blogosphere. However, I am also interested in hearing from the other side of the debate.
I don’t particularly like the whole “more feminist than thou” attitude. It makes me really sad reading blogs where feminists are arguing in this fashion. I like sisterhood, OK?! Sisterhood Is Powerful! It’s always interesting to hear other feminist perspectives, and feminism is pretty damn diverse, with a large and wonderful range of feminists. I’m interested in feminism, in the theories and concepts and the writers. This blog isn’t an Idiot’s Guide to Feminism.

Feminism is fucking important to me. I think about it a lot. I see so many aspects of my life, pretty much everything, from a feminist perspective. Feminism, at its best, exhilerates me.


P.S. Some other posts about patriarchy and whatnot which really made me think. Male Entitlement/ Male Privilege Checklist can be found here


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