Scorpio Risen

In celebration of…

Posted on: 15 April, 2007

…some of the wonderful female solo artists and female (led) bands who cheer me up, make me dance and sing, and just generally fucking rock my socks off.

Skunk Anansie


PJ Harvey

The Gossip

Siouxsie And The Banshees


(More to come, another day)


5 Responses to "In celebration of…"

I have always loved PJ Harvey. Is she related to feminism in any way?

“Little fish, big fish, swimming in the water… Come back here, and bring my my daughter”.

That song seriously gives me the shivers!

You should add Björk to the list however. She may be a little weird, but she’s a good artist.

Ooo, this isn’t my complete list!!!

I just thought that four or five artists was enough for one post, lest I get too carried away!

Ah, yeah Björk’s wicked 🙂
On Good Friday I had the house all to myself for the day, so I took the liberty to blare out Björk’s Greatest Hits, my two PJ Harvey albums and my Siouxsie & The Banshee’s album. And The Smiths. T’was fuckin’ A 🙂

PJ’s feminism is a bit…well, I don’t know where she stands on it you see. I’ve been told she’s one of those artists who doesn’t “come out” as a feminist or something.
But it doesn’t matter I guess, because she’s awesome.

I really, really, really, really want to see her live.
I’m waiting for the lil email from Ticketmaster alerting me when she’s next got a gig on. 🙂


A good friend of mine told me to basically love Björk. I particularly enjoy the tune “Hunter” – reminds me a lot of PJ Harvey too.

I’ve heard her liveshows is great, especially with her crazy customes.

And The Smiths? Morrissey is very deep and intelligent with his lyrics. A bit… Uhm… What should i call it? Depressed. Though.

And what a wicked humor. “Girlfriend in a coma i know, i know, it’s really serious!”.
– I mean, where the hell does this come from? 😛

Yeah, “Hunter” is a great song 🙂

I also like “Army Of Me”.

Yeah, The Smiths…they can be pretty depressing, but some of their lyrics are just…humourous in a strange way. I can’t really think how to describe ’em.

Good stuff.

Ough! Army of me!

You have to see dancer in the dark. It tears you apart with the injustice, and lack of sympathy for Selma (Björk).

I think it may hold some feminist viewpoints as well, though I have never seen it in that light.

But Von Trier, the guy that instructed the movie, has some serious talent.

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