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Posted on: 20 March, 2007

On Friday, I will be on my way to Hamburg-a-go-go for a 12 day German Exchange, and I cannot wait! 🙂

However, in between now and then I have to reel out a second draft for my English “Writing to Persuade” coursework, and tweak the commentary of my English “Writing to Entertain” coursework, aaaaaaaaaand work on my German oral. Apparently I’m two months behind schedule. :

Which is a pity, because it means I’ll have to concentrate on work, and packing for Germany, whereas I would probably much rather concentrate on writing a blog about how the media affects audience, with my own personal ideas – based on the four or five models we finished looking at in sociology today (yay sociology geek!) – about patriarchal ideology in media texts, and how the audience perceives and is affected by it. 🙂
So, that’s something to look forward to 😉

Now, to leave on a somewhat grr-note. Having plugged Ivaldo (my iPod) in to charge, iTunes automatically popped up, and apparently “Nuts Video Podcasts” is #9 in the Top Podcasts list.
I get really sick of the constant exposure and visibility of sexualised (and stereotypical) images and media messages of women.

As for Klapper’s “Selective filter model” (an Active Audience Approach), the idea that audiences choose to view, read or listen to a media message (“Selective Exposure”)…I personally think that, given that there are so many patriarchal images and messages EVERYWHERE, the audience (you, me, everyone) doesn’t have much of an option to select exposure to media messages. Sure, at times you can just switch the TV or radio off, or whatever, but it is a pretty constant bombardment.

And so, now to work…


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