Scorpio Risen


Posted on: 10 March, 2007

You know when something, such as a film, is incredibly and offensively sexist, when The Sun says it is.

“It’s sexist slapstick of the highest order that’s guaranteed to offend all comers. Sadly, what it fails to deliver is any laughs.”

(John Vaughan, The Sun’s film critic, March 9th)

Maybe it’s a positive of sorts when The Sun does recognise that something is sexist. However, not having seen the film, I don’t know where they define that line.


3 Responses to "Norbit"

But, would you want to see it to find out?


Likewise I havent seen the film myself, so I wouldnt normally judge. However, from what I have seen and heard of this film its definately……careless, to say the least. I think if they had put a little more thought into making it, I would probably think it just a “crap movie” instead of a “crap and offensive movie”. As I said, I wouldnt normally judge before seeing it, but I think from the reception this film has got, its a special case.

Hmmm..and when Jonathan Ross says its ‘misogynistic’ (which I’ve never heard him say before, even about sin city, american pie etc)on his Film 2007 programme.

I saw an extended advert on the programme too, and it looks AWFUL. Not to mention racist, sexist and all those other ‘ists’.

I suppose critics have to see it in order to warn people about it? Altho I agree with Veronica *shudders*.

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