Scorpio Risen

I am SO sick of…

Posted on: 9 March, 2007

… people (and by people I mean the media) telling me that things like The Pussy Cat Dolls are Feminism. That it’s female empowerment.
(Check out:, and also, please, particularly check out the language used…)

Some feminists would agree that that is true. Fine. I respect their views, but I personally disagree.

People making generalisations about feminism. People telling me that The Pussy Cat Dolls = feminism. It’s one brand of feminism. It’s not mine. It’s not every feminist’s viewpoint. It completely marginalises other feminist viewpoints. Or, is absolutely ignorant.


P.S. I’m sorry, but considering how fucking manufactured the Pussy Cat Dolls are, it’s just pisstakery suggesting that it’s empowerment in anyway. I’m going to avoid throwing words out such as “Raunch Culture” and going on a rant today ‘cos I’m bloody exhausted.


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