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Five Things…

Posted on: 2 March, 2007

I was happily browsing through the blogosphere, when I checked out Thinkinggirl‘s blog (t’is v. interesting), and I decided I’d like to tag myself to do the “Five Things You Didn’t Know About Me” thang. That is, if I am not too tired to think of five things.

1) Now, I know I’ve mentioned my Coffee Habit at least once, somewhere on this here blog, but what you don’t know (until now), is that I really, really, really hate to have any family member within the coffee-making vicinity, or even in the kitchen, while I’m making my coffee. I think it’s because I do tend to put in a wee bit too much sugar, and that that would be Frowned Upon and I’d get lectured, and so I got into a habit of being as surreptitious as possible with the old sugar-me-do, and have now got to the point where I cannot bear to have anyone nearby, unless a they’re a trusted friend.

2) I hate, hate, hate open doors. I just feel vulnerable, as if my privacy is about to be invaded, most likely by my mother. This is a particularly sensitive issue when I’m with a friend (could be discussing something private, or even nothing much at all) or on the phone to a friend. Even if I’m only cuddling up to a guy, I hate feeling my privacy is being invaded.

3) I had an imaginary friend as a child called George. He lived in my hat and I used to eat him. My nan would humour me and try and bring him in the car with us, but I would’ve had him in my hat all along. I actually have no personal recollection of this; my nan told me. Although I do remember playing games with the many Beanie Babies I had. I taught them in classes, where I would prepare work for them, and a friend and I had “Beanie Baby Land”, where it would be like a Disney World for our combined Beanie Babies. Lord we were cool!

4) I once managed to convince myself I was the Pope. My dad didn’t help matters by referring to our car as the “Pope-mobil”. I have a very vivid imagination, and sometimes imagine I’m seeing axe-murderers or something similarly crazy. My nan used to call me “Dolly Daydream”, and I still daydream a lot, mainly for escapism.

5) I try not to be a judgemental person, and for the most part when I meet new people I will initially view them in a more positive light, until they do something screwy to make me re-evaluate my opinion. I’m quite a receptive person, I’d just be happy to talk to almost anyone. That said, there are a few people who I meet, or I see, and I just get bad vibes. I trust these bad vibes and steer well clear, even though this conflicts with not being judgemental.


3 Responses to "Five Things…"

I totally get the same feeling about open doors, especially when Im in my room. I have had to share a bedroom with my brother for most of my life, and its only been about a year since I finally got complete privacy in my own room. So Im always making sure the door is shut.

HI Amy,

thanks for doing this tag! I think you’re the only one 😦 but that’s fine, whatever, they’re jsut for fun anyway.

the open doors thing – I kind of feel the same way about CLOSED doors! It’s like, I don’t know what’s lurking on the other side of that door, so I’d rather have it open so I can see into the next room. Also, my cat hates closed doors a nd will scratch at them until someone opens them, so I don’t get many closed doors. She even found a way to open the bathroom door, so I can’t even have any privacy in there!

actually, she is pretty cute about it. She doesn’t like anyone to be in water – she doesn’t like it, so it must be bad for everyone. she sits on the bathmat and cries the entire time you’re in the shower. If you’re having a bath, she sits on the edge of the tub and meows at you. sometimes she dips her little paws in and splashes water at you. Once, she got the tip of her tail in the water and basically freaked out. It’s pretty funny.

Ah, I miss my cat; she died in October. She was 15, and I’d had her since I was two. So I took it really hard.
She would sometimes follow me into bathrooms too, and sometimes would be able to open doors. 🙂
When my cat was a kitten she fell in the bath when my mum was in it, bless her, she was so scared and looked like a wet little rat when she got out bless.

This tag was fun 🙂

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