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"You Suck"

Posted on: 13 February, 2007

[Edit: When I wrote this post originally, I had one person very much in mind, which caused the post to infer a generalisation that ALL guys, my age at least, are selfish when it comes to things such as oral sex. I do not believe that ALL guys are selfish in this respect, this post is written more specifically about guys who ARE selfish]

This song has been attributed to both Consolidated and the Yeastie Girls.
For those who have not heard it, it’s a female rapping about why her boyfriend should give her oral.
It makes me smile, no – smirk -, because it reminds me somewhat of a guy I know, who isn’t too keen on giving girls oral, but expects to get it himself. This leads me on to muse a bit more broadly about what some of the song lyrics make me ponder about my and even some of my friends’ experiences with guys, and their attitudes.

I know you’re really proud ’cause you think you’re well hung
But I think it’s time you learn how to use your tongue

Guys do seem, at my age at least, to be at times preoccupied with the size of their penis, because apparently it’s supposed to be impressive to be bigger than average.
However I have never particularly given that much of a fuck. I’m more concerned about mutual enjoyment and respect for one another’s feelings, to give much of a toss (heh) about whether they’re hung like a horse or resemble a chipolata.
What good is the size of a penis to me, if he doesn’t give a damn about what I want?
And I’m something of a fan of cunnilingus. One of the things I like about it, is that I can feel really connected to a guy.

You say you want things to be even and you want things to be fair
But you’re afraid to get your teeth caught in my pubic hair

I refuse to do anything with a guy which I’m not comfortable with, and I won’t do anything a guy does not feel comfortable with either. It is often presumed that a guy is ready and willing for anything, yet my ex didn’t want to have sex yet because he’d seen too many of his mates mess up relationships through sex, and we mutually decided to wait anyway.
By things being fair, it doesn’t mean that just because he’s done something to you, you’re obligated to “returning the favour” so to speak. What you do has to be on your own terms, and I always like to come to a mutual agreement.

The pubic hair line makes me smile. I personally refuse to shave down there. I may occasionally shave my armpits when I feel too uncomfortable with the state of them not to, and I haven’t shaved my legs since November, but the point I am trying to make is that I am more flexible in my opinion on shaving armpits and legs, because they are often – especially armpits and in the warmer months – more on display, and I would feel too self conscious at this stage in my life to go too hairy, and so I compromise by shaving occasionally. However, I refuse pointblank to shave my pubic mound. It feels too much, to me, like the infantilisation of my genitalia. It is reverting uncomfortably back to my pre-pubescent body. It seems odd to me, to physically revert back to such a young age, especially if it’s “for a guy”. There’s something sick about that. However, I digress…
The thing is with the pubic hair line, no woman should have to feel pressured for shaving down there, just to make a guy happy. It’s ridiculous. If a bloke doesn’t like my body au naturel, he can go to hell 🙂 And it’s a stupid reason for not trying to make someone happy (i.e. by giving them oral, particularly if you expect it back)

If you’re lying there expecting me to suck your dick
You’re gonna have to give me more than just a token lick

Heh, one of the things this line reminds me of, is my mate who ended up having an argument with a guy (she’d just given him oral). He refused to give her oral in return saying it was “too different” yet was happy to receive it and fuck her. They ended on a “no lick, no fuck” note.
I must admit I get annoyed by guys who seem to have the kind of attitude – no doubt learned through porn – that girls are supposed to give them oral, and yet won’t even try to make her happy by giving her oral, if she likes it that is. After all, some girls don’t like it, or don’t feel comfortable trying it.
But this line holds a certain resonnance for me, because this guy is always going on about oral sex (as in fellatio) and yet doesn’t like giving cunnilingus. Maybe it’s wrong of me, but I lose interest in such selfishness. It’s the principle that, if a guy is going to be persistent in demanding oral for himself, if a girl asks for a return, he should suck it up and give her oral to the best of his ability, because if – whether it’s a casual one night stand, casual dating or serious relationship – you’re not both willing to mutually respect and try to make one another happy, it seems pretty pointless to me, and there is no space for selfishness. If you want to be selfish, masturbate by yourself, don’t play a team game. It just doesn’t seem to be equal, to me.

You tell me it’s gross to suck my yeast infection
How do you think I feel when I gag on your erection?

I can understand that some guys may not like the taste. But if they respect a girl, and want to make her happy, and they want things to be equal and fair, and they receive oral sex from her, it seems only fair to comply if she asks for oral sex. After all, I’ve heard quite a few girls in my time complain about how they don’t like giving head. I personally have very little experience in the matter (I also have quite limited experience of cunnilingus, but enough to know that I bloody like it, and to be fair, my ex and I mutually decided to wait a little while before I give him oral, because we didn’t want to completely rush things).

I’m not saying that a guy should immediately go down on a girl as soon as she tells him, just like a girl shouldn’t go down on a guy as soon as he tells her to. I’m saying both acts should be on the giver’s own terms, but that if a guy is going to virtually demand oral, he should put a more conserted effort to giving a girl oral if she so desired. I’m saying it should be all out of mutual respect and a desire to make both people happy. A bit of a give-and-take kinda thing. Not all a one-way sort of thing. I guess I’m saying I personally find selfishness a real turn-off.


8 Responses to ""You Suck""

Well unfortunately for me, I have no real experience when it comes to sex, be it oral or any type of sex. Well I say “unfortunately”, I do like the idea of having sex, but Im not really ashamed or upset because of my lack of it. Even though Im almost 19 and still a virgin. That said, I think I would be happy to do anything to please the girl Im with, whether that is going down on her, or something completely different. I find the thought of giving pleasure pleasurable, just as much as receiving it in fact.

Its actually something of a disappointment hearing how so many guys seem to think its all take, take, take, and not giving anything in return. To me the thought of sex where only one partner gets any enjoyment is both boring and unappealing.

Aye, I am still a virgin. And I must admit I’m not as experienced as this post could have implied.

And not all guys are all take, take, take. My ex for one wasn’t, and was a lovely guy.
Just another guy I know isn’t so much like that; he’s more selfish. But he’s always had a bad reputation when it comes to girls.
And this post was directed at that type of guy.

I agree, the idea of only one partner getting any enjoyment is both boring and unappealing. I’d much rather get rid of that kind of relationship soon as possible.

Oh I understand what you mean completely, I know there are plenty of good blokes out there. Its something I make sure to remember, especially when there is a clear view of guys who arent nice.

(I am (was?) thebends by the way*)

It all makes sense to me! Your post should be must reading for all the young dudes (and the old dudes too!)

hummm … but we should just be gagging for their cock … that’s enough isn’t it!!!!!??!?

you’re a strong girl amy … can’t wait to you meet you … x

“hummm … but we should just be gagging for their cock … that’s enough isn’t it!!!!!??!?”

Urgh, you just reminded me of this conversation I had on msn to one of my “mates” who was apparently tipsy (still no excuse, he can be a lecherous fucker when sober, and is ALWAYS making oral sex references), where he claimed I liked cock.
When I said something like well I don’t see why I should/why the hell should I?
He said it was because I was female and straight.
Cue Amy’s sarcasm: “Oh, yes, I’m just gagging for cock, just as every other girl is.” Unfortunately, dickhead didn’t get the sarcasm, and so I had to explain that I was being sarky, and that I was “attracted to guys as people, not as dicks. Maybe you’re attracted to girls for their breasts and vaginas, but you’re a bit sad really.”

Which shut him up.

Psch. It’s times like this when I wonder why I bother with such people.

well from my own personal experience with men it goes like this …

“want a fuck?”
“no thanks!”
“oh come on”
“no coz what do i get out of it?!”
“you get my big cock!”
“i’ve got better things to do with my time thanks!!!”

they have NO idea!!!! ha ha!



And, ah yes. Big cocks. I just live for those things.


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