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"Footballers don’t rape women, because they can get anyone they want"

Posted on: 11 February, 2007

Quoth “Megaman”.
On the illustrious BBC’s new “Entertainment”programme, The Verdict, about a rape trial.
Because rape trials are, apparently, something like entertainment for the masses; it’s OK, it’s entertaining – they’ve bung a load of celebrities together.

I’ve had major issues with the whole concept of the programme. And I have major issues with Mr “Megaman”‘s comment.
“Footballers don’t rape women, because they can get anyone they want.”
That attitude disgusts me, to be quite frank.
It’s a massive, gross, generalisation for one thing. I do not want to fuck a footballer, for example. I may be one person, but I’m sure I’m not the only one.
And I certainly do not like the suggestion that women are just there for footballers to pick out, to have sex with, then to discard them for the next woman. As if they are objects, passive objects, which will just fall at any footballer’s feet. And why? Because he’s a footballer.
O my God, a footballer!! Oh, golly, I’m so impressed I’m going to open my legs nice and wide for him.
I’m sure there are some women who will quite happily fuck a footballer casually. But the idea that all women are available for footballers to fuck is … ridiculous. Insulting, offensive. Misogynistic at worst, chauvinistic at “best”. Ludicrous.

But then again, many footballers appear to have inflated egos; they’re overpaid and almost fanatically hero-worshipped. And for what? Kicking a fucking ball around. I will probably never get people’s – especially men’s – obsession with football, footballers and teams. They appear to me to believe that they can get any woman they want. And this attitude fucks me off. They have no right to feel entitled to whopping great sums of money or women, just for kicking a ball about.

And making a statement such as “Footballers don’t rape women, because they can get anyone they want” is damn right irresponsible. Nobody is entitled to anybody else. Women are not commodities. Not all women want sex with a footballer certainly. This statement is just not true, and it shows “Megaman”‘s bias. He clearly believes in the footballers’ entitlement, and as a result he clearly believes that this woman was lying.

There are many, many victims of rape out there. We all know that. I personally think it’s a bit fucked up that the BBC is making a programme about rape trials for “entertainment”.

(Edited after being corrected by Mr Collymore for incorrectly attributing the quote to him. I quoted him in good faith, people do make errors sometimes, and I accept that I was wrong to put his name down, but this rant was directed at the comment not the commentor)


10 Responses to ""Footballers don’t rape women, because they can get anyone they want""

Dear Amy,

In response to your comment that you atributed to Stan Collymore,namely”footballers don’t need to rape women,they can get who they want”,i would like to remind you that it was actually the juror MEGAMAN that made that comment,not Stan Collymore,so i suggest that you asscertain the correct facts and attribute them to the correct person before making a quick,stereotyped judgement.

Mnay Thanks

Stan Collymore

Fine, name may been wrong – and I will correct it.
To be honest I don’t give that much of a fuck WHO said it, the fact is that someone did.
And that someone is, in my humble opinion, fucked up.
And the fact that you actually partook in an “entertainment” programme about a rape trial hardly makes you any better in my eyes.
Well, I hope you got enough money from it, because who cares that rape happens to women, and that only 5% of rapes end up in conviction, so long as a rape trial is “entertaining” for the viewers, huh. Sorry to tarnish your precious name, sir.

The rant wasn’t so much about YOU, it was about the statement and what it meant. So, get over yourself.
Excuse me if I sound rude or whatever, but I am not in the mood to be THAT apologetic.

Excuse any sensitivity on my part when things such as rape trials come up: my friend was raped, and reported it to the police, but was in fact treated terribly. Their attitudes were disgustingly backwards and misogynistic. Bastards. I lost all respect for the police; beforehand I’d been naive enough to believe they were just doing their job. In fact Laura wrote a post about it, from what I’d posted on the yahoo group protestnow.

So I don’t find rape, or the legal ramifications of it – and certainly not the attitudes of the police, and the legal system and public in general, towards rape victims – something suitable for an “entertainment” programme.

They said “he doesn’t have to rape anyone” about Kobe Bryant, a basketball player here in the US. ‘Cause… you know… in some minds rape is a “have to” or something. It was disgusting.

That is disgusting, Veronica.
Some people really, really do need to re-adjust their mindsets and attitudes when it comes to rape.
The subject of rape is, like a lot of the issues I care about as a feminist, something which alternatively breaks my heart and angers me.
One of the things I find hardest to swallow, are the anti-woman attitudes.
And it is comments such as “Footballers don’t rape women, because they can get anyone they want” which anger me, irrespective of who said them.

“Quick,stereotyped judgement,” huh? Who was I stereotyping, pray tell! Pff!






I got invited to Chelsea FC Christmas party – or something like that – once … I declined and said that I would rather stick hot pins in my eyes.

Heh, good for you Fanny Blood 🙂
Hmm, and Megaman who did apparently say that comment was accused of murder, but got off on appeal.
So the choice of certain jurors is incredibly dubious.But surely it is indeed a morally bankrupt show.
I don’t think I’d have so many issues with it if the purpose was to EXPOSE misogynistic views and attitudes of rape and rape victims, but since it’s billed as ENTERTAINMENT, it sure as hell hacks me off (which I think I have made quite clear!)

hi go to sparkle’s for more discussion on it and where i’ve copied an interesting article from the mail’s amanda platell today.

and the f word

and witchy ..

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