Scorpio Risen

Come again?!?

Posted on: 8 February, 2007

‘Scuse the pun…

just reading a report about a study of teenagers using condoms.


The researchers also asked just over 100 teenagers to keep a diary of their sexual activity for six months.

And here’s the bit which, quite frankly, amazes me:
“Of the 74 who said they had used a condom, 31% had put it on after penetration had already occurred”.

The words “stable door”, “bolted” and “horse” come to mind.

Not being funny or anything but it seems to me that either this 31% are incredibly stupid, or they just haven’t been taught properly. Maybe they didn’t have the woman with the polystyrene penises come round to their school to show how to put on condoms.

It just astounds me, to be honest.

Possibly astounds me as much as when my – very sexually active – friend asked me if, after having uprotected sex with her then-boyfriend, squirting water up the vagina from a showerhead would stop her from getting pregnant.

(And this girl, by the way, is actually highly intelligent and logical, and was in all the same sex-ed lessons as me.)


1 Response to "Come again?!?"

Hee. We had a videotaped demonstration with a banana.

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