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Sick fuck

Posted on: 13 January, 2007

Picking up any newspaper can be depressing at times. It often re-inforces the idea that the world’s a fucked up place. There are many different and various things in the papers – from the red tops to the broadsheets – which highlight this view.

Recently the case of the 20 year old babysitter – James Dean – from Cornwall has been in the news. Dean raped – or in the words of the victim did “rude things” – a three year old girl, now five. He also assaulted her old sister, now 9, and another girl, now aged seven.

That’s disgusting. Despicable. I generally go along the principle of “killing is wrong, full stop”, and so I’m generally against capital punishment, although there are times when I feel so incredibly angered, and saddened, when I hear of certain crimes that I wish for a more severe form of retribution for the perpetrators. This is one of those cases. It’s deplorable. (For some reason I can only think of adjectives beginning with “D” in reference to the crime.) This piece of shit was the 2 sisters’ baby-sitting, he was in a position to trust. They’re all little girls. I think there was also a case involving a fourteen year old girl, but I don’t know so much about that. I honest to God hope that the little girls, and any other girl he’s abused, will be OK. But this is something which affects a person terribly, at whatever age they are violated. It damages a core sense of trust in others, for one thing. I’ve heard that the youngest child is now a lot more self-conscious and covers herself, whereas before she was free and happy and open as many little children are, because they’re naive, innocent and trusting.

And why did he do this? Because he was frustrated that his girlfriend wasn’t having sex with him.

What a … What a complete pile of wankstick. How fucking dare he feel entitled to have sex? How fucking dare he feel he is entitled to that right? How fucking dare he violate the right of young girls to be free of harm, just so he can have sex? Which isn’t even something he’s entitled to. It’s a sick mind which believes it’s entitled to have sex, it’s a sick mind which believes it has to force another human being into sex to satisfy the perpetrators desires.


That mindset really, really pisses me off.

I do not blame the mother of the 2 sisters who said – as the headline of The Sun yesterday declared – “Shoot him.” I would want to do that, I’d feel the same. It’s because this is the kind of crime which evokes strong emotions, and I do not believe that the British justice system punishes the rapists and molesters harshly enough. I believe that just a 5% conviction rate for rape is not good enough, and that it is partly indicative of this fact. I’ve heard cases of rape, where the rapist is given 6 years, is out in 3. And it’s just fucked up. It gives potential rapists the OK to rape, because the repercussions are not severe enough, and the conviction rate is low anyway, so they may not even have to face any kind of repercussion anyway.

I cannot articulate this well at the moment, so I will go back to this later.

Although, I should probably note, that this case was taken to court, the five year old girl was one of the youngest victims to testify in British legal history, and did so through a two-way video. She was examined by two independent pyschologists, who both said she was a credible witness (part of the defence’s argument was that she wasn’t). And yes, he has been jailed “indefinitely”, although I must confess to being a bit confused, because I also read something about x amount of months or years and being able to go x amount of time early. Course, if anyone knows any better and could correct me on this, please do.


2 Responses to "Sick fuck"

so upsetting isn’t it, amy?

however, as we know society says it IS men’s entitlement that they have sex with whatever/whoever they see fit at the time. women, children. why, paedophiles don’t even get jail sentences.

do we think that our pornified culture is going to stop at women or do we eventually see paedophilia being normalised? it’s bordering on it now, rattles to babies courtesy of hefner. thongs to 9 year olds courtesy of bhs and alike.

that’s why feminism is still SO fucking relevant.

f x

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