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Amy’s in a funk

Posted on: 12 January, 2007

Gah, I hate, hate, hate it when I get it into funks.

I rarely, however, get into funks about the academic side of my life.

But, today, I had my first AS exam. It was on the rise of Italian Fascism. 2 essays in 55 minutes. It counts for a third of my AS history grade. One of the courses I am considering is History & Journalism at QMU in London.

I spent 20 bloody minutes crossing shit out! I mean, complete fucking waste of time, idiot!

I never got to finish it, either. Which could have been OK, if I’d what I’d written had been anything decent. But, causation questions are multi-causal, and I could only really think of one factor of the March on Rome which led to Mussolini’s appointment as Prime Minister. And I wasn’t as analytical about it as I coulda been. Shoulda been. Meh.

I can always re-take, right.

But it’s got me thinking that maybe I’m just not cut-out for it all. Which is fucked up, because I’m not stupid, and I so want to go to University then be a journalist.


Feel so fucking stupid.


2 Responses to "Amy’s in a funk"

I always hated timed essays. I’m sort of obsessed with penmanship, so I always wrote too slowly.

Journalism–not all it’s cracked up to be, I tells ya. My journalism degree is currently gathering dust in my closet as we speak.

Love your label 😛

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