Scorpio Risen

As It Is Almost New Year’s Eve…

Posted on: 30 December, 2006

Now I’m really, really not one to make a big fuss about New Year’s Eve. To be honest, I tend to have a “same shit, different year” kinda philosophy. I mean, in all likelihood, it’s not as if everything is going to miraculously change between the 11th chime and the first verse of Auld Lang Sine. Although, I guess it is nice to have a little contemplative review and look over the previous year. But, my friends would prefer to go for a piss-up, which is only natural because a lot of people don’t share my perspective on New Year’s Eve and, Goddess-knows-why, like to make a big hoo-hah out of it. When really, it’s treated like a normal weekend-night piss-up. It’s just not my thing.

So this year, I’m going to be baby-sitting my second cousins, and possibly their cousin who is no way related to me, and is a quite small baby. I’m not the most maternal of sorts, but hey, 30quid’s 30quid. I just hope they sleep peacefully and don’t interrupt my viewing of what will most probably be Series 4 of Scrubs on DVD. But of course, it’s the season for little children to have bulbous amounts of snot bubbling out of their nostrils and to cough up and spew. Nice. Just dear God, please don’t let them have diarrhoea!

This year, like all years before it, has been an assortment of up’s and down’s for me and for my friends. But, it has also had a few unique moments which have not happened in previous years: my GCSEs – which, apart from my “E” in PE, were great, although I am quite proud of that “E” – leaving my old school, St A’s, was quite emotional since I’d been there for God knows how long, and starting my new sixth form was different, too. This was the year of Red Hot Chili Peppers at Earl’s Court – hell yeah! – and Portugal with F, which was a helluva lotta fun. I went round the Baltics with the family, and met some lovely people; T, J and particularly TD. TD is my Manchester mate, and since meeting, she’s been to B-town of Dreams for the weekend, and I recently stayed round hers in Manchester for a couple of days. So those would be the most monumental and significant events of this year. That and managing to long my birthday out (National Amy Day) for three whole days, which I feel is quite an achievement, and must be bettered for my 18th. O, and I’ve started learning to drive. In my two lessons I have driven on the wrong side of the road, been nervous of the accelerator, then got so friendly with it I drove in excess of the speeding limit a few times, and drove into a curb. Hell yeah!

But in each year, each month, week, day, there have been millions of moments – some good, bad, in-betweeny – which cannot all be accountable, and some are just nice to keep to yourself, or to share with the closest and most intimate of friends. And since I’m new to this blogging malarky, it would be too long, complicated and even a bit strange, to go into any more specifics about the previous year.

Happy New Year to everyone, whether they’re going to spend the New Year’s Eve night clubbing, with close friends and family, or anything.


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