Scorpio Risen

Amy Is Confused/Debut!!

Posted on: 29 December, 2006

I have absolutely no idea what I’m doing. I don’t even know what compelled me to do this.

And, of course, they make you come up with names for things, and I’m just not good at thinking up original/witty/interesting names, especially not on the spot. I just decided to flick through my iPod, and came up with a song by Death In Vegas featuring Liam Gallagher – Scorpio Rising, and thought ha, well I’m a Scorpio! So, yeah, none of the names here actually have any deep meanings. I hope I can bloody change them when I do think of something!
And I’m sorry to ramble on.

I promise you I will write at least some posts which will have a point to them. Even if their purpose is solely to vent or let off steam.

Maybe, if only to give some sense of purpose to this blog post, I shall write a little about myself.
Well, my name is Amy. I wish it wasn’t, and I feel a certain lack of originality in finding another name for myself, even for this thing. *Sigh.* I’m only 17 (about 10 months ’til I can vote!!!) and I’m in lower sixth, doing the following AS levels: German, History, English Language and Sociology. I will most probably drop German at the end of this year because I really, really suck at it.

Like most people I know, I like to listen to music. To put a very, very broad label to the music I listen to, let’s call it alternative. But a lot of it is “old school”, and stolen from my dad. I owe several other traits to my dad: my sense of humour, my ambition and ego, but thankfully, not my nose. I like to go to local gigs – support the local scene! I watch TV too, mainly Scrubs, Friends, Only Fools & Horses, Blackadder, Gilmore Girls and Nevermind The Buzzcocks. I’m not much of a movie buff, I just watch things which entertain me, whether or not they’re any good. I have no way of telling, to be honest.

When I was a kid, I always used to have my head in a book. I would be completely oblivious to the rest of the world, and it was like escapism for me. Then, I kind of didn’t have time for reading. That said, recently I have been picking up the books again. Not so much fictional literature, instead I have been getting into feminist works; Backlash by Susan Faludi, Heartbreak – Political Memoirs of a Feminist Militant by Andrea Dworkin, and Female Chauvinist Pigs: Women & The Rise Of Raunch Culture by Ariel Levy. I have some other books which are on my to-read list, mainly books which I received as gifts for Christmas, and a long list of books which I want to get. This is because I’ve found feminism on an intellectual level, and am beginning to learn more and more about it. I like going on feminist blogspots and yahoo groups and hearing about what contemporary feminists believe.

I know that I have only begun to scratch the surface, it’s only the tip of the iceberg. But, wow, what I’ve read, it’s filled me with exhilaration, and an innate desire to help other women, to create a truly equal society no longer ruled by gender. I want to grow, and I believe feminism will help me – and others – grow. I am convinced that feminism is still needed: the battle is not over! I believe that inequalities and attitudes against women are so incredibly subtle, most people do not realise they are there, and this just means it is all the more important that we have feminism.

I don’t believe any of the stereotypical representations of feminism. I don’t believe that to have feminist beliefs means to not have positive relationships with males. I have male friends, all of whom make me laugh. I just wanted to say all of the above in this, my first post, to make these opinions clear, because they are important to me, and a lot of my future blogs will be about feminism.

Ta-rah for now! (That’s not to say I won’t post again tonight, but I always feel a desire to write an introductory blog or paragraph like this, and maybe then write another one later in the space of one day or night, as far as I know there are no rules against this practice!)


2 Responses to "Amy Is Confused/Debut!!"

hi amy!!!! your blog’s looking bloomin’ great!!!! X

hi amy 🙂

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